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[HBASE-22629] Remove TestReplicationDroppedTables from branch-1 - HBase - [issue]
...TestReplicationDroppedTables has been flaky from initial commit and is outright broken on recent branch-1 now. This test was contributed by us but we dropped this test from our internal fork...    Author: Andrew Purtell , 2019-06-26, 05:15
[HBASE-22627] Port HBASE-22617 (Recovered WAL directories not getting cleaned up) to branch-1 - HBase - [issue]    Author: Andrew Purtell , 2019-06-26, 05:15
[HBASE-22630] Restore TestReplicationDroppedTables coverage to branch-1 - HBase - [issue]
...TestReplicationDroppedTables was dropped from branch-1. Restore the test coverage with a test that is not flaky....    Author: Andrew Purtell , 2019-06-26, 01:23
[HBASE-22616] responseTooXXX logging for Multi should characterize the component ops - HBase - [issue]
...Multi RPC can be a mix of gets and mutations. The responseTooXXX logging for Multi ops should characterize the operations within the request so we have some clue about whether read or write ...    Author: Andrew Purtell , 2019-06-25, 06:50
[expand - 2 more] - [VOTE] PHOENIX-4863: Setup Travis-CI & CodeCoverage - Phoenix - [mail # dev]
...It's not inappropriate but I encourage the community to try for consensusbefore voting.On Fri, Jun 21, 2019 at 11:07 AM Geoffrey Jacoby  wrote:> Andrew,>> If the vote was inapp...
   Author: Andrew Purtell , 2019-06-21, 18:09
[HBASE-22459] Expose store reader reference count - HBase - [issue]
...Expose the reference count over a region's store file readers as a metric in region metrics and also as a new field in RegionLoad. This will make visible the reader reference count over all ...    Author: Andrew Purtell , 2019-06-21, 09:40
[HBASE-21284] Forward port HBASE-21000 to branch-2 - HBase - [issue]
...See parent for details....    Author: Andrew Purtell , 2019-06-21, 02:52
[PHOENIX-5269] PhoenixAccessController should use AccessChecker instead of AccessControlClient for permission checks - Phoenix - [issue]
...PhoenixAccessController should use AccessChecker instead of AccessControlClient for permission checks. In HBase, every RegionServer's AccessController maintains a local cache of permissions....    Author: Andrew Purtell , 2019-06-20, 06:46