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[AVRO-2164] Make Decimal a first class type. - Avro - [issue]
...I'd be interested to hear the communities thoughts on making decimal a first class type. The current logical type encodes a decimal into a bytes or fixed. This encoding does not include any ...    Author: Andy Coates , 2018-08-03, 13:32
[expand - 1 more] - [jira] [Commented] (AVRO-2164) Make Decimal a first class type. - Avro - [mail # dev]
...Actually, having re-read the "Schema resolution" section, I think you'reright.  If "Schema resolution" is the term used when discussing how toresolve differences between reader and writ...
   Author: Andy Coates , 2018-07-27, 18:55
Decimal schema evolution. - Avro - [mail # dev]
...Hi everyone,I wanted to start a thread of discussion around the current Decimal logicaltype and the weaknesses in the current implementations, (well, the Java oneat least, as that's what I'm...
   Author: Andy Coates , 2018-06-26, 12:40
[KAFKA-7008] Consider replacing the Resource field in AclBinding with a ResourceFilter or ResourceMatcher - Kafka - [issue]
...Relating to one of the outstanding work items in PR [#5117|]The AclBinding class currently has a Resource field member. But this may make more sen...    Author: Andy Coates , 2018-06-20, 17:47
[KAFKA-7069] AclCommand does not allow 'create'  operation on 'topic' - Kafka - [issue]
...KAFKA-6726 saw KIP-277 implemented, which extended the set of operations allowed on the 'topic' resource type to include 'create'.The AclCommands CLI class currently rejects this new operati...    Author: Andy Coates , 2018-06-18, 09:05
[KAFKA-7010] Rename ResourceNameType.ANY to MATCH - Kafka - [issue]
...Following on from the PR [#5117|] and discussions with Colin McCabe...The current ResourceNameType.ANY may be misleading as it performs pattern ma...    Author: Andy Coates , 2018-06-14, 20:50
[KAFKA-7007] Use JSON for /kafka-acl-extended-changes path - Kafka - [issue]
...Relating to one of the outstanding work items in PR [#5117|] Keep Literal ACLs on the old paths, using the old formats, to maintain backwards comp...    Author: Andy Coates , 2018-06-13, 15:28
[expand - 15 more] - [DISCUSS] KIP-290: Support for wildcard suffixed ACLs - Kafka - [mail # dev]
...Hi All,Just a note to say the KIP documentation has been updated inline with thecurrent implementation.
   Author: Andy Coates , 2018-06-13, 15:25
[KAFKA-7005] Remove duplicate Java Resource class. - Kafka - [issue]
...Relating to one of the outstanding work items in PR [#5117|]The o.a.k.c.request.Resource class could be dropped in favour of o.a.k.c..config.Confi...    Author: Andy Coates , 2018-06-11, 20:28
[KAFKA-7006] Remove duplicate Scala ResourceNameType class - Kafka - [issue]
...Relating to one of the outstanding work items in PR [#5117|]The class should be dropped in favour of the Java...    Author: Andy Coates , 2018-06-08, 15:15