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[ARROW-4910] [Rust] [DataFusion] Remove all uses of unimplemented! - Arrow - [issue]    Author: Andy Grove , 2019-03-19, 00:36
[ARROW-4957] [Rust] [DataFusion] Implement get_supertype correctly - Arrow - [issue]
...The current implementation of get_supertype (used in type coercion logic) is very hacky and should be re-implemented with better unit tests as well....    Author: Andy Grove , 2019-03-19, 00:31
[ARROW-4926] [Rust] [DataFusion] Update README for 0.13.0 release - Arrow - [issue]
...Update the README to reflect the new features in 0.13.0, such as parquet support....    Author: Andy Grove , 2019-03-18, 20:45
[ARROW-4817] [Rust] [DataFusion] Small re-org of modules - Arrow - [issue]
...The current code organization is a little inconsistent. We had a dedicated package for query optimization but no package for SQL support, which is just one API and we will soon have a new Ta...    Author: Andy Grove , 2019-03-18, 13:41
[ARROW-4908] [Rust] [DataFusion] Add support for parquet date/time in int32/64 encoding - Arrow - [issue]
...The parquet data source does not support reading date/time types that are encoded in INT32/INT64 columns....    Author: Andy Grove , 2019-03-18, 11:32
[ARROW-4895] [Rust] [DataFusion] Move to top level package - Arrow - [issue]    Author: Andy Grove , 2019-03-18, 11:27
[ARROW-4936] [Rust] Add parquet test file for all supported types in 2.5.0 format - Arrow - [issue]
...Suggested A/C Generate a Parquet file using the Java API and check it into the arrow-testing repo Write unit tests in the parquet crate for reading all types Write unit tests in the datafusi...    Author: Andy Grove , 2019-03-17, 18:35
[ARROW-4628] [Rust] [DataFusion] Implement type coercion query optimizer rule - Arrow - [issue]
...Now that we have a query optimizer, we should re-implement type coercion as an optimizer rule that rewrites expressions with explicit casts where required, so that at runtime we are only com...    Author: Andy Grove , 2019-03-17, 16:30
[ARROW-4595] [Rust] [DataFusion] Implement DataFrame style API - Arrow - [issue]
...We currently can build a logical plan from SQL. We should be able to build the same logical plan from a DataFrame style API as well. ...    Author: Andy Grove , 2019-03-17, 16:20
Parquet test files with all data types - Arrow - [mail # dev]
...Hi,The currently available Parquet files in the Arrow repository don't seem tobe sufficient for unit testing support for all date/time data types. Forexample the "alltypes_plain.parquet" onl...
   Author: Andy Grove , 2019-03-16, 23:55