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[PARQUET-1556] Problem with Maven repo specifications in POMs of dependencies in some development environments - Parquet - [issue]
...Running mvn verify based on the instructions in the README results in this errorCould not resolve dependencies for project org.apache.parquet:parquet-thrift:jar:1.11.0: Could not find artifa...    Author: Andy Grove , 2019-05-15, 18:56
[ANNOUNCE] New Arrow committer: Neville Dipale - Arrow - [mail # dev]
...On behalf of the Arrow PMC, I'm happy to announce that Neville hasaccepted an invitation to become a committer on Apache Arrow.Welcome, and thank you for your contributions!...
   Author: Andy Grove , 2019-05-11, 15:23
[expand - 2 more] - Rust bindings for Gandiva - Arrow - [mail # dev]
...Hi Renjie,I have not started on this but I would be interested in helping you withit.At a high level I think there are two main parts to this work:1. Translating DataFusion expressions to Ga...
   Author: Andy Grove , 2019-05-11, 14:39
[ARROW-5234] [Rust] [DataFusion] Create Python bindings for DataFusion - Arrow - [issue]
...As a Python developer, I would like to be able to run SQL queries using DataFusion as a native Python module.This request actually came in from a Reddit user, and I according to https://gith...    Author: Andy Grove , 2019-04-29, 17:50
[ARROW-5227] [Rust] [DataFusion] Implement parallel query execution - Arrow - [issue]
...Implement parallel query execution to take advantage of multiple cores when running queries....    Author: Andy Grove , 2019-04-28, 16:37
[Rust] [DataFusion] Parallel query execution PoC - Arrow - [mail # dev]
...I'm now actively working on a PoC of parallel query execution. This is myfirst time working with multi-threaded Rust so I have reached out to theRust community for help via a blog post that ...
   Author: Andy Grove , 2019-04-20, 14:52
[ARROW-5037] [Rust] [DataFusion] Refactor aggregate module - Arrow - [issue]
...The PR splits out the various aggregate functions into separate files and adds a new `aggregate_array` method to the aggregate function trait, allowing more logic to be delegated to each fun...    Author: Andy Grove , 2019-04-16, 13:16
[ARROW-4957] [Rust] [DataFusion] Implement get_supertype correctly - Arrow - [issue]
...The current implementation of get_supertype (used in type coercion logic) is very hacky and should be re-implemented with better unit tests as well....    Author: Andy Grove , 2019-04-15, 18:30
[ARROW-4467]  [Rust] [DataFusion] Create a REPL & Dockerfile for DataFusion - Arrow - [issue]
...As a user, I would like to be able to simply `docker pull apache/arrow-datafusion` and run interactive and batch queries against my data sources.This will require `CREATE EXTERNAL TABLE` to ...    Author: Andy Grove , 2019-04-15, 11:24
[expand - 4 more] - [VOTE] Release Apache Parquet 1.11.0 RC6 - Parquet - [mail # dev]
...I'm curious if there is any update on this vote? The thread seems eerily quiet.Thanks.On 4/3/19, 10:38 AM, "Andy Grove"  wrote:    CAUTION – UNVERIFIED EXTERNAL EMAIL  &...
   Author: Andy Grove , 2019-04-11, 20:23