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[DRILL-7022] Partition pruning is not happening the first time after the metadata auto refresh - Drill - [issue]
...Data creation: Create table:create table dfs.tmp.`orders` partition by (o_orderstatus)as select * from cp.`tpch/orders.parquet` Create table metadata:refresh table metadata dfs.tmp.`orders`S...    Author: Anton Gozhiy , 2019-02-22, 16:33
[DRILL-7040] Update Protocol Buffers syntax to proto3 - Drill - [issue]
...Updating of protobuf library version is addressed by DRILL-6642.Although we still use proto2 syntax. To update the syntax to proto3 we need to meet some requirements: Proto3 doesn't support ...    Author: Anton Gozhiy , 2019-02-15, 18:21
[DRILL-7041] CompileException happens if a nested coalesce function returns null - Drill - [issue]
...Query:select coalesce(coalesce(n_name1, n_name2), n_name) from cp.`tpch/nation.parquet`Expected result:Values from "n_name" column should be returnedActual result:An exception happens:org.ap...    Author: Anton Gozhiy , 2019-02-15, 17:49
[DRILL-6976] SchemaChangeException happens when using split function in subquery if it returns empty result. - Drill - [issue]
...Query:select substr(col, 2, 3) from (select split(n_comment, ' ') [3] col       from cp.`tpch/nation.parquet`       where n_nationkey = -1       ...    Author: Anton Gozhiy , 2019-02-07, 08:31
[DRILL-6856] Wrong result returned if the query filters a boolean column with both "is true" and "is null" conditions - Drill - [issue]
...Data:A parquet file with a boolean column that contains null values.An example is attached.Query:select bool_col from dfs.tmp.`Test_data` where bool_col is true or bool_col is nullResult:nul...    Author: Anton Gozhiy , 2019-02-02, 10:45
[DRILL-6991] Kerberos ticket is being dumped in the log if log level is "debug" for stdout - Drill - [issue]
...Prerequisites: Drill is installed on cluster with Kerberos security Into conf/logback.xml, set the following log level:  <root>    <level value="debug" />  &n...    Author: Anton Gozhiy , 2019-02-01, 20:49
[DRILL-7010] Wrong result is returned if filtering by a decimal column using old parquet data with old metadata file. - Drill - [issue]
...Prerequisites: The data was generated by Drill 1.14.0-SNAPSHOT (commit 4c4953bcab4886be14fc9b7f95a77caa86a7629f). See attachment. set store.parquet.reader.strings_signed_min_max = "true"Quer...    Author: Anton Gozhiy , 2019-01-28, 14:19
[DRILL-6910] A filtering column remains in scan when filter pruning happens - Drill - [issue]
...Data:create table dfs.tmp.`nation` as select * from cp.`tpch/nation.parquet` where n_regionkey < 10;Query:explain plan for select n_nationkey from dfs.tmp.`nation` where n_regionkey < ...    Author: Anton Gozhiy , 2019-01-25, 16:53
[DRILL-6982] Affected rows count is not returned by Drill if return_result_set_for_ddl is false - Drill - [issue]
...Prerequisites:set `exec.query.return_result_set_for_ddl`= false;Query:create table dfs.tmp.`nation as select * from cp.`tpch/nation.parquet`;Expected result:Drill should return the number of...    Author: Anton Gozhiy , 2019-01-23, 02:16
[DRILL-6936] Graceful shutdown test fails if loopback address is set in hosts - Drill - [issue]
...Prerequisites: Loopback address is set for the host at /etc/hostsSteps: Run the test TestGracefulShutdown.gracefulShutdownThreadShouldBeInitializedBeforeClosingDrillbitExpected result:The te...    Author: Anton Gozhiy , 2019-01-04, 06:59