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[KAFKA-4544] Add system tests for delegation token based authentication - Kafka - [issue]
...Add system tests for delegation token based authentication....    Author: Ashish Singh , 2018-12-03, 06:00
[FLUME-1944] parameterising the dependency variables in pom file. - Flume - [issue]
...Making the dependency version driven from properties. This will require change of version only in property section....    Author: Ashish Singh , 2018-11-23, 14:57
[BIGTOP-2290] Have mvn deploy targets for hadoop - Bigtop - [issue]
...Have maven deploy target for hadoop....    Author: Ashish Singh , 2018-09-16, 16:38
[KAFKA-1880] Add support for checking binary/source compatibility - Kafka - [issue]
...Recent discussions around compatibility shows how important compatibility is to users. Kafka should leverage a tool to find, report, and avoid incompatibility issues in public methods....    Author: Ashish Singh , 2018-09-07, 09:26
[BIGTOP-2291] Have ant mvn deploy task for zookeeper. - Bigtop - [issue]
...Have maven deploy target for hadoop....    Author: Ashish Singh , 2018-08-21, 03:24
[KAFKA-3287] Add over-wire encryption support between KAFKA and ZK - Kafka - [issue]
...ZOOKEEPER-2125 added support for SSL. After Kafka upgrades ZK's dependency to 3.5.1+ or 3.6.0+, SSL support between kafka broker and zk can be added....    Author: Ashish Singh , 2018-06-28, 14:53
[KAFKA-3379] Update tools relying on old producer to use new producer. - Kafka - [issue]
...Following tools are using old producer. ReplicationVerificationTool SimpleConsumerShell GetOffsetShellOld producer is being marked as deprecated in 0.10. These tools should be updated to use...    Author: Ashish Singh , 2018-06-12, 15:00
[KAFKA-3387] Update GetOffsetShell tool to not rely on old producer. - Kafka - [issue]    Author: Ashish Singh , 2018-05-26, 15:38
[KAFKA-3620] Clean up Protocol class. - Kafka - [issue]
...This came up on PR of KAFKA-3307. Below is excerpt.With the versioning getting a little more complex in Protocol class, it makes sense to try and encapsulate some of its logic a little bette...    Author: Ashish Singh , 2018-05-18, 08:54
[KAFKA-4541] Add capability to create delegation token - Kafka - [issue]
...Add request/ response and server side handling to create delegation tokens....    Author: Ashish Singh , 2018-01-25, 20:04