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[CASSANDRA-14778] Merge DigestResolver / DataResolver - Cassandra - [issue]
...These classes are unnecessarily distinct, and this complicates read-repair logic, as well as transient replication merging, with complex nesting of different kinds of resolver within each ot...    Author: Benedict , 2018-10-10, 11:46
[CASSANDRA-14776] Transient Replication:  Hints on timeout should be disabled for writes to transient nodes - Cassandra - [issue]    Author: Benedict , 2018-10-05, 22:41
[CASSANDRA-14759] Transient->Full movements mishandle consistency level upgrade - Cassandra - [issue]
...While we need treat a transitioning node as ‘full’ for writes, so that it can safely begin serving full data requests once it has finished, we cannot maintain it in the ‘pending’ collection ...    Author: Benedict , 2018-10-03, 13:50
[CASSANDRA-14726] ReplicaCollection follow-up - Cassandra - [issue]
...We introduced ReplicaCollection as part of CASSANDRA-14404, but while it improves readability, we could do more to ensure it minimises extra garbage, and does not otherwise unnecessarily was...    Author: Benedict , 2018-10-03, 13:43
[CASSANDRA-14802] calculatePendingRanges assigns more pending ranges than necessary - Cassandra - [issue]
...This might be a good thing, but should probably be configurable, and made consistent.  Presently, in a number of circumstances where there are multiple range movements, calculatePending...    Author: Benedict , 2018-10-03, 11:24
[CASSANDRA-14801] calculatePendingRanges no longer safe for multiple adjacent range movements - Cassandra - [issue]
...Correctness depended upon the narrowing to a Set<InetAddressAndport>, which we no longer do - we maintain a collection of all Replica.  Our RangesAtEndpoint collection built by ge...    Author: Benedict , 2018-10-03, 11:24
[CASSANDRA-7282] Faster Memtable map - Cassandra - [issue]
...Currently we maintain a ConcurrentSkipLastMap of DecoratedKey -> Partition in our memtables. Maintaining this is an O(lg) operation; since the vast majority of users use a hash partitione...    Author: Benedict , 2018-10-01, 09:41
[CASSANDRA-8496] Remove MemtablePostFlusher - Cassandra - [issue]
...To improve clearing of the CL, prevent infinite growth, and ensure the prompt completion of tasks waiting on flush in the case of transient errors, large flushes or slow disks, in 2.1 we cou...    Author: Benedict , 2018-10-01, 08:00
[CASSANDRA-14727] Transient Replication: EACH_QUORUM not implemented - Cassandra - [issue]
...Transient replication cannot presently handle EACH_QUORUM consistency; reads and writes should currently fail, though without good error messages.  Not clear if this is acceptable for GA, si...    Author: Benedict , 2018-09-26, 17:49
[CASSANDRA-14770] Introduce RangesAtEndpoint.unwrap to simplify StreamSession.addTransferRanges - Cassandra - [issue]
...Arguably, since this is only performed in one place, we could leave it in addTransferRanges, but it should be a helper method anyway, and given unwrap() is a feature of Range, we should impl...    Author: Benedict , 2018-09-26, 10:15