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[ARROW-4339] [C++] rewrite cpp/README shorter, with a separate contribution guide - Arrow - [issue]
...The for the cpp project has grown long and contains a lot of information specific to contributors. Move this information into a separate CONTRIBUTING.mdIn particular, draw more att...    Author: Benjamin Kietzman , 2019-03-18, 13:13
[ARROW-4879] [C++] cmake can't use conda's flatbuffers - Arrow - [issue]
...I'm using conda's flatbuffers, but after the cmake refactor I get the following error:$ uname --allLinux pop-os 4.18.0-15-generic #16pop0~18.04.1-Ubuntu SMP Thu Feb 21 16:15:23 UTC 2019 x86_...    Author: Benjamin Kietzman , 2019-03-15, 13:35
[ARROW-4701] [C++] Add JSON chunker benchmarks - Arrow - [issue]
...The JSON chunker is not currently benchmarked or tested, but it is a necessary component of a multithreaded reader....    Author: Benjamin Kietzman , 2019-03-14, 22:30
[ARROW-4664] [C++] DCHECK macro conditions are evaluated in release builds - Arrow - [issue]
...DCHECK(potentially_expensive()) will evaluate the argument even in release mode, and is used in several places with the assumption that it will do so (which means removing the guarantee of e...    Author: Benjamin Kietzman , 2019-03-12, 16:23
[ARROW-4709] [C++] Optimize for ordered JSON fields - Arrow - [issue]
...Fields appear consistently ordered in most JSON data in the wild, but the JSON parser currently looks fields up in a hash table. The ordering can probably be exploited to yield better perfor...    Author: Benjamin Kietzman , 2019-03-11, 17:02
[ARROW-4699] [C++] json parser should not rely on null terminated buffers - Arrow - [issue]
...Null terminated buffers are not always trivial to guarantee, for example when parsing mmapped files...    Author: Benjamin Kietzman , 2019-03-08, 20:18
[ARROW-4707] [C++] move BitsetStack to bit-util.h - Arrow - [issue]
...BitsetStack was written for use in the JSON parser, but it's useful enough that it should be made available in bit-util.h...    Author: Benjamin Kietzman , 2019-03-05, 02:42
[ARROW-4722] [C++] Implement Bitmap class to modularize handling of bitmaps - Arrow - [issue]
...This could be a simple view or it could own a shared_ptr<Buffer>. In either case, it would greatly simplify situations where a pointer, offset, length are currently passed...    Author: Benjamin Kietzman , 2019-02-28, 21:13
[ARROW-4706] [C++] shared conversion framework for JSON/CSV parsers - Arrow - [issue]
...CSV and JSON both convert strings to values in a Array but there is little code sharing beyond arrow::util::StringConverter.It would be advantageous if a single interface could be shared bet...    Author: Benjamin Kietzman , 2019-02-28, 09:15
[ARROW-4708] [C++] Add multithreaded JSON reader - Arrow - [issue]
...The JSON reader currently only parses from a single, contiguous buffer and only in a single thread. This would be much more useful if it supported multithreaded parsing from a stream, as CSV...    Author: Benjamin Kietzman , 2019-02-27, 23:17