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[AVRO-2195] Add Zstandard Codec - Avro - [issue]
...Inspired by AVRO-1373. The Zstandard algorithm is available in the commons-library, which Avro projects already depend on.In a quick test that I did, Zstandard had a better compression ratio...    Author: Benson Qiu , 2018-07-31, 02:56
[expand - 1 more] - Request for review: AVRO-2195 - Avro - [mail # dev]
...Hi Niels,Thanks for responding so quickly. There are quite a few language bindingsfor zstandard compression documented here. Please let me know ifthat sufficiently addresses your question.Re...
   Author: Benson Qiu , 2018-07-02, 08:08
[expand - 2 more] - Optimal Sync Interval for Best Compression - Avro - [mail # user]
...Took a best-effort stab at it: would appreciate any comments!On Thu, Jun 28, 2018 at 9:41 PM, Benson Qiu  wrote:> Thanks for the reply...
   Author: Benson Qiu , 2018-06-29, 08:40
Increasing yarn.scheduler.capacity.maximum-applications - Hadoop - [mail # user]
...The default maximum-applications is 10000 for the entire cluster. I have avery small test queue that has about 0.1% absolute capacity, which meansthat it can only support 10 pending or runni...
   Author: Benson Qiu , 2017-12-07, 09:38
[expand - 1 more] - What does JobPriority mean? - Hadoop - [mail # user]
...Thanks, Sunil! I found your JIRA (YARN-1963) that has a really greatdesign doc.On Mon, Nov 13, 2017 at 6:04 PM, Sunil G  wrote:> Hi Benson,>> Prior to 2.8 releases, YARN did no...
   Author: Benson Qiu , 2017-11-14, 02:14
Modifying container log granularity at job submission time - Hadoop - [mail # user]
...When I view container logs, I only see "INFO:" log lines. How do I make thelog lines more fine grained?I've tried the following, without success:Configuration.setStrings(MRJobConfig.MR_AM_LO...
   Author: Benson Qiu , 2017-05-02, 02:04
[YARN-6164] Expose Queue Configurations per Node Label through YARN client api - YARN - [issue]
...`yarn.scheduler.capacity.maximum-am-resource-percent` is exposed through the Cluster Scheduler API, but not through YarnClient.Since YarnClient and RM REST APIs depend on different ports (80...    Author: Benson Qiu , 2017-04-24, 16:04
[YARN-6195] Export UsedCapacity and AbsoluteUsedCapacity to JMX - YARN - [issue]
...`usedCapacity` and `absoluteUsedCapacity` are currently not available as JMX....    Author: Benson Qiu , 2017-04-19, 03:59
Is it normal for Job#submit to take a long time? - Hadoop - [mail # user]
...Hi,Is it normal for Job#submitto sometimes take tens of seconds to return?ThanksBenson...
   Author: Benson Qiu , 2017-04-12, 20:48
[expand - 1 more] - How does CuratorFramework handle connection losses? - Curator - [mail # user]
...Thanks Cameron for the quick reply - really appreciate it!!On Wed, Mar 22, 2017 at 3:31 PM, Cameron McKenzie wrote:>>> On Th...
   Author: Benson Qiu , 2017-03-22, 22:37