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[EXT] Re: Get all Processors - NiFi - [mail # user]
...Hi Karthik,I have already implemented this in NiPyApi, assuming a Python automationclient is useful to you.In the nipyapi.canvas.recurse_flow command (
   Author: Daniel Chaffelson , 2018-08-15, 06:40
Change memory limits w/ Docker image - NiFi - [mail # user]
...The Dockerhub image already supports passing in environment variables toreplace at startup, but it's a short set list.The current list is in $projRoot/nifi/nifi-docker/docker...
   Author: Daniel Chaffelson , 2018-07-19, 10:13
Implementing authorization programmatically. - NiFi - [mail # user]
...Building on Koji's point, there is a demo in NiPyApi for setting up asecured environment: particular sc...
   Author: Daniel Chaffelson , 2018-07-19, 10:03
Progamatically clearing out flowfiles - NiFi - [mail # user]
...I needed a method of manually clearing down PGs being used for automatedtesting of flows, so I created a purge command in the Python client.
   Author: Daniel Chaffelson , 2018-06-26, 21:09
[Non-DoD Source] Starting controller services - NiFi - [mail # user]
...Hi,I'm the NiPyApi author.It's back tested to NiFi 1.1.2 generally, though I haven't specificallytested these calls.If you'd like to wrap the calls and put them in a PR that would be verywel...
   Author: Daniel Chaffelson , 2018-05-17, 11:36
[NIFI-4900] nifi Swagger definition - FlowApi ScheduleComponents returns empty component list - NiFi - [issue]
...When issuing a command to Schedule Components with the 'components' attribute set, the command returns an empty set back. This seems incongruous. I would expect to receive back an object lis...    Author: Daniel Chaffelson , 2018-05-15, 14:52
[expand - 1 more] - NiFi Variables - NiFi - [mail # user]
...Thank you for taking the time to try it!Please let me know if there's other features you would find useful.On Tue, 27 Mar 2018, 04:10 scott,  wrote:> Daniel,>> That worked perf...
   Author: Daniel Chaffelson , 2018-03-27, 21:47
Error when executing NiFi REST API PUT /processors/{id} call - NiFi - [mail # user]
...Hi Vitaly,To give a more detailed example of what Matt is saying, here's the Pythonversion of what you are doing from the NiPyApi test suite.In this test we change the scheduling period of a...
   Author: Daniel Chaffelson , 2018-03-13, 21:43
Reporting Specific Queue Sizes? - NiFi - [mail # user]
...Hi guys,I haven't specifically built functions to wrap this, but the data is easilyaccessible via the API if that helps you.Let us assume for a moment that a given flow has a Processor calle...
   Author: Daniel Chaffelson , 2018-03-08, 22:37
[NIFI-4859] Swagger Spec VersionControlInformationDTO missing SYNC_FAILURE state - NiFi - [issue]
...It is possible to get a Versioned Process Group into a SYNC_FAILURE state, but this is not an allowable state in the code generated from the swagger.jsonThis prevents versioned objects from ...    Author: Daniel Chaffelson , 2018-03-08, 19:49