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[HBASE-22244] Make use of MetricsConnection in async client - HBase - [issue]    Author: Duo Zhang , 2019-04-19, 00:36
[HBASE-21512] Introduce an AsyncClusterConnection and replace the usage of ClusterConnection - HBase - [issue]
...At least for the RSProcedureDispatcher, with CompletableFuture we do not need to set a delay and use a thread pool any more, which could reduce the resource usage and also the latency.Once t...    Author: Duo Zhang , 2019-04-18, 15:44
[HBASE-22252] ClientBackoffPolicy should not be IA.Public - HBase - [issue]
...We exposes this interface as IA.Public, but one of the parameters of the getBackoffTime method is IA.Private, which means we do not expect users to implement the interface, and it should not...    Author: Duo Zhang , 2019-04-18, 14:56
[HBASE-22267] Implement client push back for async client - HBase - [issue]    Author: Duo Zhang , 2019-04-18, 14:56
[HBASE-22239] Should translate the exception before returning it in AsyncRegionServerAdmin - HBase - [issue]
...This breaks TestSyncReplicationActive....    Author: Duo Zhang , 2019-04-17, 14:28
[HBASE-22261] Make use of ClusterStatusListener for async client - HBase - [issue]    Author: Duo Zhang , 2019-04-17, 14:03
[HBASE-22251] Implement fast fail for async client - HBase - [issue]
...And I think we need to deprecated HConstants.HBASE_CLIENT_FAST_FAIL_INTERCEPTOR_IMPL, it should not be exposes to users as the related classes are all IA.Private....    Author: Duo Zhang , 2019-04-16, 10:14
[HBASE-22238] Fix TestRpcControllerFactory - HBase - [issue]    Author: Duo Zhang , 2019-04-16, 09:51
[HBASE-21725] Implement BufferedMutator Based on AsyncBufferedMutator - HBase - [issue]    Author: Duo Zhang , 2019-04-16, 08:48
[HBASE-22207] Fix flakey TestAssignmentManager.testAssignSocketTimeout - HBase - [issue]
...The problem is that we may kill the RS which holds meta so the assertion of the number of procedures maybe incorrect, as we may schedule another TRSP for assigning meta......    Author: Duo Zhang , 2019-04-16, 01:08