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[FLINK-14227] Add Razorpay to Chinese Powered By page - Flink - [issue]
...Razorpay was added to the English Powered By page with commit: 87a034140e97be42616e1a3dbe58e4f7a014e560.It should be added to the Chinese Powered By (and index.html) page as well....    Author: Fabian Hueske , 2020-02-16, 07:09
[expand - 1 more] - [ANNOUNCE] Flink Forward San Francisco 2020 Program is Live - Flink - [mail # dev]
...Hi everyone,Sorry for writing another email but I forgot to mention the communitydiscounts.When you register for the conference [1], you can use one of the followingdiscount codes:* As a mem...
   Author: Fabian Hueske , 2020-02-14, 17:01
[FLINK-16067] Flink's CalciteParser swallows error position information - Flink - [issue]
...The parser used to parse SQL queries submitted through TableEnvironmentImpl.sqlUpdate does not add the original exception from Calcite as a cause to Flink's org.apache.flink.table.api.SqlPar...    Author: Fabian Hueske , 2020-02-14, 16:03
[ANNOUNCE] Apache Flink 1.10.0 released - Flink - [mail # user]
...Congrats team and a big thank you to the release managers!Am Mi., 12. Feb. 2020 um 16:33 Uhr schrieb Timo Walther <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:> Congratualations everyone! Great stuff :-)>...
   Author: Fabian Hueske , 2020-02-12, 15:38
[FLINK-2167] Register HCatalog as external catalog in TableEnvironment - Flink - [issue]
...Register Hive's HCatalog as external catalog in the TableEnvironment. After registration, Table API or SQL queries should be able to access tables registered in HCatalog....    Author: Fabian Hueske , 2020-02-06, 15:09
[FLINK-2435] Add support for custom CSV field parsers - Flink - [issue]
...The CSVInputFormats have only FieldParsers for Java's primitive types (byte, short, int, long, float, double, boolean, String).It would be good to add support for CSV field parsers for custo...    Author: Fabian Hueske , 2020-02-05, 13:38
check-pointing does not follow interval setting on some clusters - Flink - [mail # user]
...Hi Yu,This looks indeed strange.There is a configuration that limits the number of concurrent checkpointsbut given the end-to-end duration this cannot be the reason.Is the JobManager in the ...
   Author: Fabian Hueske , 2020-02-04, 10:48
Flink solution for having shared variable between task managers - Flink - [mail # user]
...Hi,I think you are looking for BroadcastState [1].Best, Fabian[1] Fr., 17. Jan. 2020 um 14:50 Uh...
   Author: Fabian Hueske , 2020-02-03, 09:05
[FLINK-14313] Add Gojek to Chinese Powered By page - Flink - [issue]
...Add Gojek to Chinese Powered By Flink page.The relevant commit is: 7fc857030998ea8ce6366bfec63850e08e24c563...    Author: Fabian Hueske , 2020-02-03, 07:23
[FLINK-15826] Add renameFunction() to Catalog - Flink - [issue]
...The Catalog interface lacks a method to rename a function.It is possible to change all properties (via alterFunction()) but it is not possible to rename a function.A renameTable() method is ...    Author: Fabian Hueske , 2020-01-31, 16:28