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[CALCITE-3329] Implement osquery for OS adapter - Calcite - [issue]
...Implement osquery command for OS adapter, Achieve similar features of FaceBook's osquery. E.g:select * from os_version;select * from system_info;select * from mounts;select * from interface_...    Author: Forward Xu , 2019-09-19, 11:14
How stable is FlinkSQL. - Flink - [mail # dev]
...Hi Srikanth,Here are some past developer profiles you can view. of them are cases of Flink-SQL.Best,Forwardsrikanth flink  于2019年9月16日周一 下午...
   Author: Forward Xu , 2019-09-16, 14:00
[ANNOUNCE] Zili Chen becomes a Flink committer - Flink - [mail # dev]
...Congratulations Zili Chen!Best,ForwardTill Rohrmann  于2019年9月11日周三 下午5:23写道:> Hi everyone,>> I'm very happy to announce that Zili Chen (some of you might also know him> as T...
   Author: Forward Xu , 2019-09-11, 09:27
[CALCITE-2995] Add the DAYNAME,MONTHNAME function - Calcite - [issue]
...MONTHNAME(date) Returns the full name of the month for date. The language used for the name is controlled by the system time config.SQL:SELECT MONTHNAME('2018-01-01') monthname;Result:m...    Author: Forward Xu , 2019-09-10, 21:37
[CALCITE-3176] File adapter for parsing JSON files - Calcite - [issue]
...File adapter for parsing JSON files...    Author: Forward Xu , 2019-09-10, 21:37
[CALCITE-3204] Implement jps command for OS adapter - Calcite - [issue]
...Implement jps command for OS adapter...    Author: Forward Xu , 2019-09-10, 21:36
[ANNOUNCE] Kostas Kloudas joins the Flink PMC - Flink - [mail # dev]
...Congratulations Kloudas!Best,ForwardDawid Wysakowicz  于2019年9月6日周五 下午10:36写道:> Congratulations Klou!>> Best,>> Dawid>> On 06/09/2019 14:55, Fabian Hueske wrote:>...
   Author: Forward Xu , 2019-09-06, 14:43
[DISCUSS] FLIP-66: Support time attribute in SQL DDL - Flink - [mail # dev]
...Thanks Jark for this topic, This will be very useful.Best,ForwardXuDanny Chan  于2019年9月6日周五 上午11:26写道:> Thanks Jark for bring up this topic, this is definitely an import feature> ...
   Author: Forward Xu , 2019-09-06, 03:48
[CALCITE-3130] Implement JSON_UNQUOTE, JSON_QUOTE function - Calcite - [issue]
...JSON_QUOTE({{string)}}Quotes a string as a JSON value by wrapping it with double quote characters and escaping interior quote and other characters, then returning the result as a utf8mb4}}st...    Author: Forward Xu , 2019-07-24, 01:58
[CALCITE-3139] Implement JSON_EXTRACT function - Calcite - [issue]
...JSON_EXTRACT(json_doc, path[, path] ...)Returns data from a JSON document, selected from the parts of the document matched by the path arguments. Returns NULL if any argument is NULL...    Author: Forward Xu , 2019-07-05, 12:11