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[ARROW-6605] [C++] Add recursion depth control to fs::Selector - Arrow - [issue]
...This is similar to the recursive options, but also control the depth....    Author: Francois Saint-Jacques , 2019-09-19, 19:08
[ARROW-6606] [C++] Construct tree structure from std::vector<fs::FileStats> - Arrow - [issue]
...This will be used by FileSystemDataSource for pushdown predicate pruning of branches....    Author: Francois Saint-Jacques , 2019-09-19, 15:00
[ARROW-6244] [C++] Implement Partition DataSource - Arrow - [issue]
...This is a DataSource that also has partition metadata. The end goal is to support filtering with a DataSelector/Filter expression. The initial implementation should not deal with PartitionSc...    Author: Francois Saint-Jacques , 2019-09-19, 14:03
[ARROW-6148] [C++][Packaging]  Improve aarch64 support - Arrow - [issue]    Author: Francois Saint-Jacques , 2019-09-19, 08:27
[ARROW-6615] [C++] Add filtering option to fs::Selector - Arrow - [issue]
...It would convenient if Selector could support file path filtering, either via a regex or globbing applied to the path.This is semi required for filtering file in Dataset to properly apply th...    Author: Francois Saint-Jacques , 2019-09-18, 21:25
[ARROW-6378] [C++][Dataset] Implement TreeDataSource - Arrow - [issue]
...The TreeDataSource is required to support partitions pruning of sub-trees....    Author: Francois Saint-Jacques , 2019-09-18, 21:22
[ARROW-6614] [C++][Dataset] Implement FileSystemDataSourceDiscovery - Arrow - [issue]
...DataSourceDiscovery is what allows InferingSchema and constructing a DataSource with PartitionScheme....    Author: Francois Saint-Jacques , 2019-09-18, 21:14
[ARROW-6124] [C++] ArgSort kernel should sort in a single pass (with nulls) - Arrow - [issue]
...There's a good chance that merge sort must be implemented (spill to disk, ChunkedArray, ...)...    Author: Francois Saint-Jacques , 2019-09-18, 18:42
[ARROW-5036] [Plasma][C++] Serialization tests resort to memcpy to check equality - Arrow - [issue]
...1: /tmp/arrow-0.13.0.Q4czW/apache-arrow-0.13.0/cpp/src/plasma/test/ Failure1: Expected equality of these values:1:   memcmp(&plasma_objects[object_ids[0]]...    Author: Francois Saint-Jacques , 2019-09-18, 13:27
[ARROW-4999] [Doc][C++] Add examples on how to construct with ArrayData::Make instead of builder classes - Arrow - [issue]    Author: Francois Saint-Jacques , 2019-09-18, 12:08