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[ORC-488] [C++] Support BloomFilter in C++ library - Orc - [issue]    Author: Gang Wu , 2019-04-03, 17:18
[ORC-395] [C++] Support ZSTD compression & decompression - Orc - [issue]    Author: Gang Wu , 2019-04-03, 05:10
[ORC-415] [C++] Fix writing ColumnStatistics - Orc - [issue]
...Current C++ ORC writer implementation has two issues about column statistics.1. A new batch may override previous batch's has_null info of colIndexStatistics if the new batch has no null but...    Author: Gang Wu , 2019-04-03, 05:09
[ORC-470] Fix BooleanRleDecoderImpl::skip() read over end of stream - Orc - [issue]
...When Boolean RLE stream has trailing null values, seek & skip may lead to read over the end of stream and "bad read in nextBuffer" exception will be thrown....    Author: Gang Wu , 2019-04-03, 05:08
[ORC-473] [C++] Fix DecomressionStream::seek to read from right position - Orc - [issue]
...If DecomressionStream has called Next() to read some data and it has intermediate state, calling seek() can cause it to read from a wrong position. The fix should clear all states and forces...    Author: Gang Wu , 2019-04-03, 05:07
Re: [DISCUSS][C++] Add Support For INT/BYTE vector batch - Orc - [mail # dev]
...I am in favor of this change in the C++ codebase not only for its smallsaving of runtime memory, also for getting rid of a lot of conversions.Regarding to Owen's concern, I think we can do t...
   Author: Gang Wu , 2019-04-02, 23:22
About ORC API Library - Orc - [mail # user]
...Hi Lei,Unfortunately we don't have a Go binding for the ORC writer. I am not sureif it is possible for you to use cgo package in Go to call C++ API in yourapplication?Thanks,GangOn Tue, Mar ...
   Author: Gang Wu , 2019-03-20, 20:56
[expand - 1 more] - Row index questions - Orc - [mail # user]
...You are right. These files were created for unit tests of specificscenarios. You may need to create ORC files by yourself.GangOn Mon, Mar 11, 2019 at 3:18 PM Korry Douglas  wrote:> T...
   Author: Gang Wu , 2019-03-11, 22:24
Question about using indexes/statistics - Orc - [mail # user]
...The following function returns the stripe-level & row-group-levelstatistics of the stripe specified by input.*ORC_UNIQUE_PTR Reader::getStripeStatistics(uint64_tstripeIndex) const;*You need ...
   Author: Gang Wu , 2019-03-06, 21:44
How to handle ColumnStatistics in C++ - Orc - [mail # user]
...Yes, you are right. This interface returns column statistics of all columnsand their types can be found via type from the file footer..On Fri, Mar 1, 2019 at 10:04 AM Korry Douglas  wro...
   Author: Gang Wu , 2019-03-01, 18:09