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[HADOOP-11223] Offer a read-only conf alternative to new Configuration() - Hadoop - [issue] Configuration() is called from several static blocks across Hadoop.This is incredibly inefficient, since each one of those involves primarily XML parsing at a point where the JIT won't b...    Author: Gopal V , 2019-02-15, 22:07
[HIVE-21232] LLAP: Add a cache-miss friendly split affinity provider - Hive - [issue]
...If one of the LLAP nodes have data-locality, preferring that over another does have advantages for the first query or a more general cache-miss....    Author: Gopal V , 2019-02-15, 21:01
[HIVE-21268] REPL: Repl dump can output - Database, Table, Dir, last_repl_id - Hive - [issue]
...INFO  : Completed executing command(queryId=root_20190214061031_639e3a52-5c62-40be-a3cd-3e0b18b7b41d); Time taken: 0.374 secondsINFO  : OK+-----------------------------------------...    Author: Gopal V , 2019-02-14, 06:30
[HIVE-20758] Constraints: Show create table does not show constraints - Hive - [issue]
...Even though the desc formatted shows the constraints, the show create table does not| # Primary Key                          ...    Author: Gopal V , 2019-02-13, 20:25
[TEZ-3985] Correctness: Throw a clear exception for DMEs sent during cleanup - Tez - [issue]
...If a DME is sent during cleanup, that implies that the .close() of the LogicalIOProcessorRuntimeTask did not succeed and therefore these events are an error condition.These events should not...    Author: Gopal V , 2019-02-13, 04:23
[HIVE-21225] ACID: getAcidState() should cache a recursive dir listing locally - Hive - [issue]
...Currently getAcidState() makes 3 calls into the FS api which could be answered by making a single recursive listDir call and reusing the same data to check for isRawFormat() and isValidBase(...    Author: Gopal V , 2019-02-08, 21:46
[HIVE-21233] ACID: Make validate_acid_sort_order() Stateful UDF - Hive - [issue]
...Fix the license issue + make the UDF stateful to prevent optimizer actions over it.Lines that start with ????? in the ASF License  report indicate files that do not have an Apache licen...    Author: Gopal V , 2019-02-08, 21:39
[TEZ-4038] Add a /prof profiler endpoint like HiveServer2 has - Tez - [issue]
...HIVE-20202 makes it very easy to generate flamegraph profiles for Hive queries.Extending the same to Tez would be helpful (the profiler toolkit is already Apache licensed)....    Author: Gopal V , 2019-02-08, 21:38
[HIVE-21229] Tez: Provide a Node-Label split affinity provider - Hive - [issue]
...When the queue has node-labels, the delays involved in waiting for node locality are a net-loss to the query.Asking for locality in a node which is not available to the current queue is slow...    Author: Gopal V , 2019-02-07, 19:23
[HADOOP-11867] FS API: Add a high-performance vectored Read to FSDataInputStream API - Hadoop - [issue]
...The most significant way to read from a filesystem in an efficient way is to let the FileSystem implementation handle the seek behaviour underneath the API to be the most efficient as possib...    Author: Gopal V , 2019-02-05, 12:16