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[KAFKA-3571] Traits for utilities like ConsumerGroupCommand - Kafka - [issue]
...I notice that several utilities like ConsumerGroupCommand are implemented (hard-wired really) to be command-line utilities.  It'd be really handy for testing if these were broken out as...    Author: Greg Zoller , 2018-07-01, 13:21
[KAFKA-3791] Broken tools -- need better way to get offsets and other info - Kafka - [issue]
...Whenever I run included tools like I get deprecation warnings and it doesn't work for me (offsets not returned).  These need to be fixed.  The sugg...    Author: Greg Zoller , 2018-06-18, 16:25
[expand - 1 more] - Deep polymorphic type support - Avro - [mail # user]
...Thanks, Dan.  I'm not 100% clear how Union would work for Scala markertraits.  I could see how I'd use them for Message[Alarm], where Alarm is afirst-class object.  I've got 2...
   Author: Greg Zoller , 2017-09-08, 20:09
[KAFKA-3570] It'd be nice to line up display output in columns in ConsumerGroupCommand - Kafka - [issue]
...Not a huge deal but the output for ConsumerGroupCommand is pretty messy.  It'd be cool to line up the columns on the display output....    Author: Greg Zoller , 2017-08-29, 20:43
[KAFKA-3569] commitAsync() sometimes fails with errors - Kafka - [issue]
...I have a KafkaConsumer instance I've wrapped in a thread, which communicates with the outside (multi-threaded) world via a blocking queue.  Code is here:    Author: Greg Zoller , 2016-05-17, 14:07
[KAFKA-3568] KafkaProducer fails with timeout on message send() - Kafka - [issue]
...I had a KafkaProducer working fine in  I was having unrelated problems in that version so thought to try  I built it as I did build against Scala 2...    Author: Greg Zoller , 2016-04-21, 12:12
[expand - 8 more] - Producer Bug? Moving form to (latest) - Kafka - [mail # user]
...Ok... I don't believe my test results, but I have repeated them.I found that build 9cfb99 (Mar 22) worked for me -- KafkaProducer didn't hang/time-out.The next-newer build, 73470b0, did hang...
   Author: Greg Zoller , 2016-04-19, 20:21
[expand - 4 more] - [] KafkaProducer.close() not committing - Kafka - [mail # user]
...I hate email forums... mess up your code!Ok, so I finally managed to get it to run past the first one.  Not sure what I did... just kept trying.  Seems a bit flakey.When it ran all 6 it did ...
   Author: Greg Zoller , 2016-04-14, 02:22
[expand - 1 more] - [] Having problems with commitAsync() not updating offsets - Kafka - [mail # user]
...Hmm... gist didn't come thru for some reason.Trying      From: Greg Zoller  To: "[EMAIL PROTECTED]"  &n...
   Author: Greg Zoller , 2016-04-07, 22:28