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[HDFS-4192] LocalFileSystem does not implement getFileChecksum() - HDFS - [issue]
...LocalFileSystem decendent of ChecksumFileSystem does not implement getFileChecksum(). I would like to be able to compare checksums for files in HDFS to files on local disk to files in HDFS q...    Author: Hans Uhlig , 2014-03-20, 23:01
[HDFS-4220] Augment AccessControlException to include both affected inode and attempted operation - HDFS - [issue]
...Currently when any application that uses hdfs runs and hits a permissions wall a message similar to the following is emitted.FAILED: RuntimeException    Author: Hans Uhlig , 2013-05-20, 19:15
Block emulation on local FS - HDFS - [mail # dev]
...Is there a good way to emulate or determine the blocks that would exist on HDFS for a given file. if I have a 135mb file and my block size is 128, does it stand to say I would have 2 blocks,...
   Author: Hans Uhlig , 2012-12-19, 20:44
FileSystem.getFileChecksum() returns null on LocalFileSystem - HDFS - [mail # dev]
...This seems to return null always, despite the fact that it should return a checksum for the file. Has this been disabled since the doc was written?...
   Author: Hans Uhlig , 2012-11-14, 16:08