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[expand - 1 more] - ZKFC ActiveBreadCrumb Value - Hadoop - [mail # user]
...As mentioned by Wellington, the path you're going down will notguarantee any compatibility in future.The format/encoding/content/location/etc. of the messages stored in ZKby the Failover Con...
   Author: Harsh J , 2018-09-15, 17:21
[HADOOP-9567] Provide auto-renewal for keytab based logins - Hadoop - [issue]
...We do a renewal for cached tickets (obtained via kinit before using a Hadoop application) but we explicitly seem to avoid doing a renewal for keytab based logins (done from within the client...    Author: Harsh J , 2018-08-25, 00:49
[HIVE-13704] Don't call DistCp.execute() instead of - Hive - [issue]
...HIVE-11607 switched DistCp from using run to execute. The run method runs added logic that drives the state of SimpleCopyListing which runs in the driver, and of CopyCommitter which runs in ...    Author: Harsh J , 2018-08-23, 06:39
[HBASE-17760] HDFS Balancer doc is misleading - HBase - [issue]
...HBASE-15332 added a doc note about how to use HDFS-6133, but the steps it adds are incorrect. The specific balancer command provided in the doc note is incorrect and not required.Since HBase...    Author: Harsh J , 2018-08-06, 11:01
[HADOOP-13817] Add a finite shell command timeout to ShellBasedUnixGroupsMapping - Hadoop - [issue]
...The ShellBasedUnixGroupsMapping run various id commands via the ShellCommandExecutor modules without a timeout set (its set to 0, which implies infinite).If this command hangs for a long tim...    Author: Harsh J , 2018-06-08, 02:19
[HDFS-8516] The 'hdfs crypto -listZones' should not print an extra newline at end of output - HDFS - [issue]
...It currently prints an extra newline (TableListing already adds a newline to end of table string)....    Author: Harsh J , 2018-05-15, 12:34
[HADOOP-12549] Extend HDFS-7456 default generically to all pattern lookups - Hadoop - [issue]
...In HDFS-7546 we added a hdfs-default.xml property to bring back the regular behaviour of trusting all principals (as was the case before HADOOP-9789). However, the change only targeted HDFS ...    Author: Harsh J , 2018-05-15, 11:15
[HDFS-10237] Support specifying checksum type in WebHDFS/HTTPFS writers - HDFS - [issue]
...Currently you cannot set a desired checksum type over a WebHDFS or HTTPFS writer, as you can with the regular DFS writer (done via HADOOP-8240)This JIRA covers the changes necessary to bring...    Author: Harsh J , 2018-05-15, 09:00
[HDFS-2561] Under dfsadmin -report, show a proper 'last contact time' for decommissioned/dead nodes. - HDFS - [issue]
...Right now, the last contact period gets reset to 0 once we mark a DN dead. This can be improved to show a proper time instead....    Author: Harsh J , 2018-05-15, 08:47
[HBASE-7303] Quit using reflection for the method DFSOutputStream#getNumCurrentReplicas(…) - HBase - [issue]
...Given that we've raised our minimum version guarantee for HBase with 1.x carrying the 0.20-append code finally, and all subsequent releases (0.21*, 0.22, 0.23 and 2) have this method availab...    Author: Harsh J , 2018-05-15, 08:47