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[SPARK-27771] Add SQL description for grouping functions (cube, rollup, grouping and grouping_id) - Spark - [issue]
...ExpressionDescription for cube, rollup, grouping and grouping_id are missing. So currently the SQL documentation is empty and `DESCRIBE FUNCTION EXTENDED` doesn't show anything meaningful....    Author: Hyukjin Kwon , 2019-05-20, 02:28
[expand - 7 more] - Resolving all JIRAs affecting EOL releases - Spark - [mail # dev]
...Thanks Shane .. the URL I linked somehow didn't work in other peoplebrowser. Hope this link works:
   Author: Hyukjin Kwon , 2019-05-20, 01:43
[SPARK-27672] Add since info to string expressions - Spark - [issue]
...since is missing for string expressions (at ExpressionDescription).SPARK-8241 ConcatWsSPARK-16276 EltSPARK-1995 Upper / LowerSPARK-20750 StringReplaceSPARK-8266 StringTranslateSPARK-8244 Fin...    Author: Hyukjin Kwon , 2019-05-18, 03:12
[SPARK-27673] Add since info to random. regex, null expressions - Spark - [issue]
...We should add since info to all expressions.SPARK-7886 Rand / Randn RLike, Like (I manually checked that it exi...    Author: Hyukjin Kwon , 2019-05-18, 03:11
[ANNOUNCE] Apache Hive 2.3.5 Released - Hive - [mail # user]
...Awesome!!2019년 5월 16일 (목) 오전 11:24, Wang, Yuming 님이 작성:> Thank you, Alan.>> The Hive 2.3.5 jars is not in the maven repository.<>
   Author: Hyukjin Kwon , 2019-05-16, 04:03
[SPARK-27740] JIRA status test - Spark - [issue]    Author: Hyukjin Kwon , 2019-05-16, 01:36
[SPARK-24364] Files deletion after globbing may fail StructuredStreaming jobs - Spark - [issue]
...This is related with SPARK-17599. SPARK-17599 checked the directory only but actually it can file on another FileSystem operation when the file is not found. For example see:Error occurred w...    Author: Hyukjin Kwon , 2019-05-10, 19:31
[SPARK-20166] Use XXX for ISO timezone instead of ZZ which is FastDateFormat specific in CSV/JSON time related options - Spark - [issue]
...We can use XXX format instead of ZZ. ZZ seems a FastDateFormat specific Please see and https://commo...    Author: Hyukjin Kwon , 2019-05-08, 12:45
[expand - 1 more] - HIVE-21639 and Hive 2.3.5 release - Hive - [mail # dev]
...Awesome, thanks!On Fri, 3 May 2019, 22:07 Alan Gates,  wrote:> Ok, I'll do a new build with that patch and post another snapshot so you> can test with it.>> Alan.>> On...
   Author: Hyukjin Kwon , 2019-05-04, 13:42
[SPARK-26759] Arrow optimization in SparkR's interoperability - Spark - [issue]
...Arrow 0.12.0 is release and it contains R API. We could optimize Spark DaraFrame <> R DataFrame interoperability.For instance see the examples below: dapply    df <- creat...    Author: Hyukjin Kwon , 2019-05-02, 12:47