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[HIVE-21528] Add metric to track the number of queries waiting for tez session - Hive - [issue]    Author: Jason Dere , 2019-06-17, 21:32
[HIVE-21878] Metric for AM to show whether it is currently running a DAG - Hive - [issue]
...Add a basic gauge metric to indicate whether a Tez AM is currently running a DAG for a Hive query....    Author: Jason Dere , 2019-06-15, 05:34
[HIVE-21799] NullPointerException in DynamicPartitionPruningOptimization, when join key is on aggregation column - Hive - [issue]
...Following table/query results in NPE:create table tez_no_dynpart_hashjoin_on_agg(id int, outcome string, eventid int) stored as orc;explain select, b.outcome from (select id, max(eventi...    Author: Jason Dere , 2019-06-12, 17:24
[HIVE-21746] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException during dynamically partitioned hash join, with CBO disabled - Hive - [issue]
...ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception during query execution with dynamically partitioned hash join.Found on Hive 2.x. Seems to occur with CBO disabled/failed.Disabling constant propagation seems ...    Author: Jason Dere , 2019-05-23, 00:33
[HIVE-19981] Managed tables converted to external tables by the HiveStrictManagedMigration utility should be set to delete data when the table is dropped - Hive - [issue]
...Using the HiveStrictManagedMigration utility, tables can be converted to conform to the Hive strict managed tables mode.For managed tables that are converted to external tables by the utilit...    Author: Jason Dere , 2019-04-10, 23:23
[HIVE-21561] Revert removal of TableType.INDEX_TABLE enum - Hive - [issue]
...Index tables have been removed from Hive as of HIVE-18715.However, in case users still have index tables defined in the metastore, we should keep the TableType.INDEX_TABLE enum around so tha...    Author: Jason Dere , 2019-04-04, 19:58
[HIVE-21518] GenericUDFOPNotEqualNS does not run in LLAP - Hive - [issue]
...GenericUDFOPNotEqualNS (Not equal nullsafe operator) does not run in LLAP mode, because it is not registered as a built-in function....    Author: Jason Dere , 2019-04-01, 20:20
[HIVE-20900] serde2.JsonSerDe no longer supports timestamp.formats - Hive - [issue]
...Looks like HIVE-18545 broke this.Also json_serde_tsformat.q only tested the hcat version of JsonSerde, and the format in that test used the ISO timestamp format which apparently is now parse...    Author: Jason Dere , 2019-02-12, 00:00
[HIVE-20839] "Cannot find field" error during dynamically partitioned hash join - Hive - [issue]
...Occurs in some cases in the non-CBO optimized queries, either if CBO is disabled or has failed due to error.2018-10-11T04:40:22,724 ERROR [TezTR-85144_8944_1085_28_996_2 (1539092085144_8944_...    Author: Jason Dere , 2019-01-09, 01:42
[HIVE-4844] Add varchar data type - Hive - [issue]
...Add new varchar data types which have support for more SQL-compliant behavior, such as SQL string comparison semantics, max length, etc.Char type will be added as another task....    Author: Jason Dere , 2018-12-14, 05:47