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[TAJO-2189] Dictionary encoded text in ORC scanner may cause incorrect result. - Tajo - [issue]
...See the title. returns internal raw bytes. It should use with getLength()/** * Returns the raw bytes; however, only data up to {@link #getLength()} ...    Author: Jinho Kim , 2018-07-13, 04:05
[TAJO-2188] Can't start tajo daemon on HDP,CDH - Tajo - [issue]
...File.listFiles() returns null, if does not have read accessHere is the log2018-07-05 19:23:21,317 INFO org.apache.tajo.master.TajoMaster: Staging dir: hdfs://xxx/tajo/warehouse 2018-07-05 19...    Author: Jinho Kim , 2018-07-12, 05:06
[VOTE] Updating PGP KEY file and signatures of releases - Tajo - [mail # dev]
...+1I checked the signatures and checksums-JinhoBest regards2018-03-16 18:11 GMT+09:00 Hyunsik Choi :> Hi folks,>> Since my PGP key has been expired, the release signatures has been b...
   Author: Jinho Kim , 2018-03-17, 01:46
[expand - 2 more] - [DISCUSSION] Migrating Tajo repository to GitBox - Tajo - [mail # dev]
...It's really useful! Thanks hyunsik-JinhoBest regards2018-03-07 6:41 GMT+09:00 Hyunsik Choi :> Hi,>> Our gitbox repository is available [1]. To use this feature, you should> enabl...
   Author: Jinho Kim , 2018-03-08, 13:53
[VOTE] Move tajo git and tajo site svn to Gitbox - Tajo - [mail # dev]
...+1-JinhoBest regards2018-01-29 18:10 GMT+09:00 Hyunsik Choi :> Hi folks,>> The Apache infra team has released a new project called GitBox [1],> allowing apache committers to acce...
   Author: Jinho Kim , 2018-01-29, 09:34
[TAJO-1905] Insert clause to partitioned table fails on S3 - Tajo - [issue]
...Here is the error log2015-10-02 18:54:40,399 ERROR org.apache.hadoop.fs.s3a.S3AFileSystem: rename: src not found s3a://bucket/tpch-1g-p/lineitem/.staging/q_1443779192380_0001/RESULT/l_shipda...    Author: Jinho Kim , 2017-12-04, 00:00
[TAJO-2096] Apply offheap to the join operator - Tajo - [issue]
...Join operator is kept target table in the heap memory. but it causes too many GC. If memory type is choosable, it would be better...    Author: Jinho Kim , 2017-12-02, 17:33
[expand - 1 more] - Tajo Integration with MySQL - Tajo - [mail # user]
...Great! Parsian, MahmoudI look forward to your PR.Thanks— JinhoBest regards2017-05-22 10:26 GMT+09:00 Parsian, Mahmoud :> Jinho, thank you for replying to my email.>> I have implemen...
   Author: Jinho Kim , 2017-05-22, 01:42
ClientConnectionException: Connection refused - Tajo - [mail # user]
...Hi xiaohui Huang,Could you check your conf/storage-site.json ?Looks like your json is invalid syntax. regard...
   Author: Jinho Kim , 2017-05-10, 01:51
[DISCUSSION] 0.12 release - Tajo - [mail # dev]
...Hi Hyunsik,We don’t have blocker issue. So I agree with 0.12 releaseIt’s very useful to users, I think.-JinhoBest regards2016-09-12 18:14 GMT+09:00 Hyunsik Choi :...
   Author: Jinho Kim , 2016-09-13, 05:02