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[expand - 1 more] - Monitoring Apache Storm Trident Topology for Kafka Consumer Lags - Storm - [mail # user]
...Yes, that sounds right.  In the UI, you'll need to click "Show SystemStats" as metrics consumer bolts are hidden by default. The log will havelots of detailed information including the ...
   Author: Joshua Martell , 2018-08-21, 13:36
skipping rows, seeking within an avro file via python - Avro - [mail # user]
...Avro files have special byte-string markers that can be used to find thebeginning of the next block but it will add some complexity.  Myunderstanding is the Python Avro libraries are ve...
   Author: Joshua Martell , 2018-07-10, 13:23
Optimal Sync Interval for Best Compression - Avro - [mail # user]
...Reading a split that doesn’t start at the beginning of the file must seekto the next block boundary to start reading. Compression should improvesome with larger blocks, but you’ll pay for it...
   Author: Joshua Martell , 2018-06-24, 19:37
ZSTD and Brotli codecs? - Avro - [mail # user]
...Is it possible to use newer codecs such as ZStandard and Brotli with Avrofiles?  Specifically, I'd like to use them with Hadoop as deflate is cpuintensive and snappy has so-so compressi...
   Author: Joshua Martell , 2017-11-16, 17:17
[STORM-2793] Add transferred byte count metrics - Storm - [issue]
...Existing Storm metrics track tuple counts, but don't account for the size of the tuple payload.  If a task always gets large tuples, it can be slower than a task that gets small tuples ...    Author: Joshua Martell , 2017-11-06, 03:52
Obtain the information of storm's builtin metrics - Storm - [mail # user]
...I haven't used it, but you might be able to collect your own metrics usinga Hook:
   Author: Joshua Martell , 2015-10-29, 13:35
How to have multiple storm workers consume a kafka topic in parallel - Storm - [mail # user]
...The shuffle() breaks the stream and disassociates the parallelism settingfor the stream below it.Use this:    topology.newStream("msg",kafkaSpout)    .parallelismHint(5) ...
   Author: Joshua Martell , 2015-09-04, 13:46
[PIG-4197] Fix typo in Job Stats header: MinMapTIme => MinMapTime - Pig - [issue]
...There is a capitalization typo in the Job Stats header: MinMapTIme => MinMapTime....    Author: Joshua Martell , 2014-11-21, 05:58