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[HBASE-23191] Log spams on Replication - HBase - [issue]
...If no new active writes in WAL edit, then WALEntryStream#hasNext -> ReaderBase -> ProtobufLogReader#readNext will reach end of file. It would be a good idea for changing the log level ...    Author: Karthik Palanisamy , 2019-10-18, 22:36
[HBASE-23176] delete_all_snapshot does not work with regex - HBase - [issue]
...Delete_all_snapshot.rb is using deprecated method SnapshotDescription#getTable but this method is already removed in 3.0.x.hbase(main):022:0>delete_all_snapshot("t10.*")SNAPSHOT          ...    Author: Karthik Palanisamy , 2019-10-18, 17:23
[HBASE-23154] list_deadservers return incorrect no of rows - HBase - [issue]
...No of rows should be equivalent to no of dead region servers but mistakenly included current system time in it.hbase(main):001:0>list_deadserversSERVERNAMEapache301.openstacklocal,16020,1...    Author: Karthik Palanisamy , 2019-10-13, 13:11
[HBASE-23152] Compaction_switch does not work by RegionServer name - HBase - [issue]
...Compaction_switch is used to stop running compaction on regionservers. This switch works good by using "compaction_switch true/false" but rather I want to stop compaction only for particular...    Author: Karthik Palanisamy , 2019-10-13, 13:11
[HBASE-23115] Unit change for StoreFileSize and MemStoreSize - HBase - [issue]
...StoreFileSize and MemstoreSize usually returned in MBs (link1, link2)  but few jsp pages contain inaccurate unit. The reason is table.jsp (link3) use org.apache.hadoop.util.StringUtils.byteD...    Author: Karthik Palanisamy , 2019-10-12, 04:18
[HBASE-23144] Compact_rs throw wrong number of arguments - HBase - [issue]
...Compact_rs command will call Admin#compactRegionServer(ServerName, boolean) but this is deprecated method and removed as part of HBASE-22002. hbase(main):001:0> compact_rs '    Author: Karthik Palanisamy , 2019-10-11, 15:37
[HBASE-23123] Merge_region fails from shell - HBase - [issue]
...The deprecated method Admin#mergeRegions is removed in HBase 3.0 but somehow we missed to update new API in ruby admin script. We will encounter an error undefined method for `mergeRegions'....    Author: Karthik Palanisamy , 2019-10-10, 13:59
[HBASE-23138] Drop_all table by regex fail from Shell -  Similar to HBASE-23134 - HBase - [issue]
...Initialization error in admin.rb hbase(main):001:0>  drop_all("t.*")ERROR: undefined local variable or method `admin' for #<Hbase::Admin:0x3a3b10f4>Did you mean?  @adminFo...    Author: Karthik Palanisamy , 2019-10-10, 13:59
[HBASE-23140] Remove unknown table error - HBase - [issue]
..."hbase:quota" will be created automatically when hbase.quota.enabled set to true but If this feature is disabled then should not throw unknown table error. hbase(main):025:0>describe_name...    Author: Karthik Palanisamy , 2019-10-10, 02:38
[HBASE-23134] Enable_all and Disable_all table by Regex fail from Shell - HBase - [issue]
...Found few initialization errors in admin.rb, will get the following errors using enable_all and disable_all from Shell. hbase(main):019:0> disable_all 't1*'ERROR: undefined local variable...    Author: Karthik Palanisamy , 2019-10-09, 14:05