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[ATLAS-3478] UI: Entity Icon loading improved - Atlas - [issue]
...I have added caching to improve performance for entity icon loading in "Lineage" and in "Search Table"I have attached these videos to compare the Table and Lineage layout behaviours, pre-pat...    Author: Keval Bhatt , 2019-10-18, 22:59
[ATLAS-3447] Basic Search API does not return child classifications - Atlas - [issue]
...Detailed explanation of the issue along with an additional related issue(with videos attached).Scenario I:  childclassification_vanishes_after_parent_classification_association_is_empty.webm...    Author: Keval Bhatt , 2019-10-18, 22:35
[ATLAS-3473] UI : Delay in loading Lineage icon because of sync img call - Atlas - [issue]
...Lineage loads entity icon in synchronous mode and because of that rendering is slow...    Author: Keval Bhatt , 2019-10-17, 13:07
[ATLAS-3471] Regression : UI - Relationship attributes are not displayed in Audit Details Table - Atlas - [issue]
...Relationship attributes with legacyAttribute=True were displayed in the Audit Details Table but it is not shown anymore. Example: columns, DB for an hive_table entity....    Author: Keval Bhatt , 2019-10-17, 12:57
[ATLAS-3470] UI : Search completes late because of loading entity icons - Atlas - [issue]
...Basic search request succeeded in 981 msRendering on UI took ~280 * 25 = 7000 ms...    Author: Keval Bhatt , 2019-10-17, 02:08
[ATLAS-3458] Atlas monogram.svg rat check fix - Atlas - [issue]    Author: Keval Bhatt , 2019-10-11, 04:49
[ATLAS-3456] UI : Allows user to add label for entity - Atlas - [issue]
...Display user defined labels in entity detail page and CRUD operation (add/remove/delete)....    Author: Keval Bhatt , 2019-10-10, 18:43
[ATLAS-3455] UI: Change shell icon and add shell icon in search table - Atlas - [issue]
...Icon changed from a refresh to hourglass and added shell icon in search table...    Author: Keval Bhatt , 2019-10-10, 18:43
[ATLAS-3453] UI: show shell icon in entity detail page if status is incomplete - Atlas - [issue]
...If the entity attribute "isIncomplete = true" then UI should show shell loading icon in entity detail pageexample: ...    Author: Keval Bhatt , 2019-10-09, 17:40
[ATLAS-3446] UI: Regression: Attribute filter buttons are highlighted by default - Atlas - [issue]
... As per the screenshot below Attribute, filter buttons are getting highlighted incorrectly. ...    Author: Keval Bhatt , 2019-10-09, 15:31