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Rolling policy when using StreamingFileSink for bulk-encoded output - Flink - [mail # dev]
...Hi Ying,Thanks for using the StreamingFileSink.The reason why the StreamingFileSink only supportsOnCheckpointRollingPolicy with bulkformats has to do with the fact that currently Flink relie...
   Author: Kostas Kloudas , 2019-06-24, 09:01
[FLINK-11458] Add TERMINATE/SUSPEND Job with Savepoint (FLIP-34) - Flink - [issue]
...See FLIP-34:    Author: Kostas Kloudas , 2019-05-17, 11:55
[FLINK-12226] Update CLI docs about SUSPEND/TERMINATE - Flink - [issue]    Author: Kostas Kloudas , 2019-04-18, 15:31
[FLINK-11670] Add SUSPEND/TERMINATE calls to REST API - Flink - [issue]
...Exposes the SUSPEND/TERMINATE functionality to the user through the REST API....    Author: Kostas Kloudas , 2019-04-17, 13:20
[FLINK-11671] Expose SUSPEND/TERMINATE to CLI - Flink - [issue]
...Expose the SUSPEND/TERMINATE functionality to the user through the command line....    Author: Kostas Kloudas , 2019-04-17, 13:19
[FLINK-11669] Add Synchronous Checkpoint Triggering RPCs. - Flink - [issue]
...Wires the triggering of the Synchronous Checkpoint/Savepoint from the JobMaster to the TaskExecutor....    Author: Kostas Kloudas , 2019-04-17, 13:19
[FLINK-11668] Allow sources to advance time to max watermark on checkpoint. - Flink - [issue]
...This is needed for the TERMINATE case. It will allow the sources to inject the MAX_WATERMARK before the barrier that will trigger the last savepoint. This will fire any registered event-time...    Author: Kostas Kloudas , 2019-04-17, 13:18
[FLINK-11667] Add Synchronous Checkpoint handling in StreamTask - Flink - [issue]
...This is the basic building block for the SUSPEND/TERMINATE functionality. In case of a synchronous checkpoint barrier, the checkpointing thread will block (without holding the checkpoint loc...    Author: Kostas Kloudas , 2019-04-17, 13:18
[Discuss] Semantics of event time for state TTL - Flink - [mail # user]
...Hi all,For GDPR: I am not sure about the regulatory requirements of GDPR but Iwould assume that the time for deletion starts counting from the time anorganisation received the data (i.e. the...
   Author: Kostas Kloudas , 2019-04-08, 10:03
[FLINK-12051] TaskExecutorTest.testFilterOutDuplicateJobMasterRegistrations() does not wait for TaskExecutor to be started - Flink - [issue]
...The test failed locally with:Wanted but not invoked: jobLeaderService.start( <any string>, <any org.apache.flink.runtime.rpc.RpcService>, <any org.apache.f...    Author: Kostas Kloudas , 2019-04-05, 11:56