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[ARROW-4372] [C++] Embed precompiled bitcode in the gandiva library - Arrow - [issue]
...We were not running the pyarrow tests after installing the manylinux wheels, which can lead to uncaught issues, like:    Author: Krisztian Szucs , 2019-02-15, 12:46
[ARROW-4340] [C++] Update IWYU version in the `lint` dockerfile - Arrow - [issue]
...I was trying to cleanup the c++ imports based on the current docker-iwyu suggestions, but it requires to be customized (symbol maps and pragmas) more than it is currently. It'd also help a l...    Author: Krisztian Szucs , 2019-02-14, 15:37
[ARROW-4527] [Packaging] Update linux packaging tasks to align with the LLVM 7 migration - Arrow - [issue]
...See, Bionic, Xenial and Stretch tasks are failing:    Author: Krisztian Szucs , 2019-02-13, 00:12
[ARROW-3232] [Python] Return an ndarray from Column.to_pandas - Arrow - [issue]
...See discussion:    Author: Krisztian Szucs , 2019-02-12, 05:02
[ARROW-4434] [Python] Cannot create empty StructArray via pa.StructArray.from_arrays - Arrow - [issue]
...In [5]: pa.StructArray.from_arrays([], names=[])---------------------------------------------------------------------------ValueError                 ...    Author: Krisztian Szucs , 2019-02-11, 20:32
[ARROW-4420] [INTEGRATION] Pin spark's version to the recently released arrow 0.12 patch - Arrow - [issue]
...As discussed in    Author: Krisztian Szucs , 2019-02-11, 12:44
[ARROW-4432] [Python][Hypothesis] Empty table - pandas roundtrip produces inequal tables - Arrow - [issue]
...The following test case fails for empty tables:import hypothesis as himport pyarrow.tests.strategies as past@h.given(past.all_tables)def test_pandas_roundtrip(table):    df = table...    Author: Krisztian Szucs , 2019-02-08, 15:31
[ARROW-3714] [CI] Run RAT checks in pre-commit hooks - Arrow - [issue]    Author: Krisztian Szucs , 2019-02-08, 09:20
[ARROW-3779] [Python] Validate timezone passed to pa.timestamp - Arrow - [issue]    Author: Krisztian Szucs , 2019-02-08, 07:04
[ARROW-4416] [CI] Build gandiva in cpp docker image - Arrow - [issue]
...Currently Gandiva is not built, for the sake of completeness enable it by default....    Author: Krisztian Szucs , 2019-02-08, 05:22