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[HBASE-23113] IPC Netty Optimization - HBase - [issue]
...Netty options in IPC Server/Client optimization:1.SO_BACKLOG setting:Two queues are maintained in the Linux system kernel: syns queue and accept queue. The first is a semi-join queue that sa...    Author: Nicholas Jiang , 2020-05-28, 22:44
[FLINK-17610] Align the behavior of result of internal map state to return empty iterator - Flink - [issue]
...There are different behaviors of result of internal map state. For HeapMapState, #entries(), #keys(), #values(), and #iterator() would all return null. However, for RocksDBMapState, #entries...    Author: Nicholas Jiang , 2020-05-28, 09:49
[CARBONDATA-3229] Validate the true/false for all boolean parameters - CarbonData - [issue]
...Validate the true/false for all boolean parameters when input, like in carbonsession, sdk, spark carbon file format, in beeline and so on....    Author: Nicholas Jiang , 2020-02-03, 06:57
[FLINK-14956] MemoryMappedBoundedData Compressed Buffer Slicer - Flink - [issue]
...MemoryMappedBoundedData, implementation of BoundedData simply through ByteBuffers backed by memory, uses CompressedBufferSlicer which is implementation of BoundedData.Reader to slice next bu...    Author: Nicholas Jiang , 2019-11-29, 07:24
[HBASE-23075] Upgrade jackson to version 2.9.10 due to CVE-2019-16335 and CVE-2019-14540 - HBase - [issue]
...A Polymorphic Typing issue was discovered in FasterXML jackson-databind before 2.9.10. It is related to com.zaxxer.hikari.HikariDataSource. This is a different vulnerability than CVE-2019-14...    Author: Nicholas Jiang , 2019-10-15, 01:54
[HBASE-21447]  HBCK2 tool have questions on holes when HBCK2 checks region chain - HBase - [issue]
...[hbck2] This HBCK2 tool have some questions on holes when HBCK2 checks region chain as follows. ERROR: There is ...    Author: Nicholas Jiang , 2019-09-06, 22:49
[KYLIN-3716] FastThreadLocal replaces ThreadLocal - Kylin - [issue]
...In kylin query engine,QuerySevice acquires OLAPContext through ThreadLocal.In certain research,the development that FastThreadLocal replaces ThreadLocal to store thread OLAPContext is substa...    Author: Nicholas Jiang , 2019-04-16, 02:25
[HBASE-21973] NettyRpcServer performance improvement based on Netty - HBase - [issue]
...In NettyRpcServer#NettyRpcServer constructor method, we have the following:    ServerBootstrap bootstrap = new ServerBootstrap().group(eventLoopGroup).channel(channelClass)  &...    Author: Nicholas Jiang , 2019-04-01, 11:38
[CARBONDATA-3130] CarbonData Support Flink - CarbonData - [issue]
...For streaming warehousing scenarios,CarbonData support flink....    Author: Nicholas Jiang , 2018-12-07, 07:48