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[ARROW-3746] [Gandiva] [Python] Make it possible to list all functions registered with Gandiva - Arrow - [issue]
...This will also be useful for documentation purposes (right now it is not very easy to get a list of all the functions that are registered)....    Author: Philipp Moritz , 2018-11-11, 21:31
[ARROW-3721] [Gandiva] [Python] Support all Gandiva literals - Arrow - [issue]
...Support all the literals from in the Cython bindings....    Author: Philipp Moritz , 2018-11-09, 20:37
[ANNOUNCE] New Arrow committers: Romain François, Sebastien Binet, Yosuke Shiro - Arrow - [mail # dev]
...Welcome everybody!On Thu, Nov 8, 2018 at 12:57 PM Antoine Pitrou  wrote:>> It's nice to have new people onboard.  Welcome everyone :-)>> Le 08/11/2018 à 20:56, Wes McKi...
   Author: Philipp Moritz , 2018-11-08, 20:58
[ANNOUNCE] New Arrow PMC member: Krisztián Szűcs - Arrow - [mail # dev]
...Congrats and welcome Krisztián!On Thu, Nov 8, 2018 at 11:48 AM Wes McKinney  wrote:> The Project Management Committee (PMC) for Apache Arrow has invited> Krisztián Szűcs to become...
   Author: Philipp Moritz , 2018-11-08, 20:56
[ARROW-3718] [Gandiva] Remove spurious gtest include - Arrow - [issue]
...At the moment, cpp/src/gandiva/expr_decomposer.h includes a gtest header which can prevent gandiva to be built without the gtest dependency....    Author: Philipp Moritz , 2018-11-08, 06:33
[ARROW-3602] [Gandiva] [Python] Add preliminary Cython bindings for Gandiva - Arrow - [issue]
...Adding a first version of Cython bindings to Gandiva so it can be called from Python....    Author: Philipp Moritz , 2018-11-08, 05:08
[ARROW-3659] [C++] Clang Travis build (matrix entry 2) might not actually be using clang - Arrow - [issue]
...See for example environment variables from .travis.yml$ export ANACONDA_TOKEN=[secure]$ export ARROW_TRAVIS_USE_TOOLCHAIN=1$ export ...    Author: Philipp Moritz , 2018-11-01, 03:37
[ARROW-3589] [Gandiva] Make it possible to compile gandiva without JNI - Arrow - [issue]
...When trying to compile arrow withcmake -DARROW_PYTHON=on -DARROW_GANDIVA=on -DARROW_PLASMA=on ..I'm seeing the following error right now:CMake Error at /home/ubuntu/anaconda3/share/cmake-3.1...    Author: Philipp Moritz , 2018-10-23, 10:26
[ARROW-3018] [Plasma] Improve random ObjectID generation - Arrow - [issue]
...As pointed out by Antoine Pitrou, the mersenne twister in Plasma is currently not seeded appropriately (I just saw the comment recently): can submi...    Author: Philipp Moritz , 2018-10-02, 14:40
[ARROW-3199] [Plasma] Check for EAGAIN in recvmsg and sendmsg - Arrow - [issue]
...It turns out that and probably also    Author: Philipp Moritz , 2018-10-01, 09:37