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[RANGER-2320] Make db schema patches script idempotent for all DB Flavors - Ranger - [issue]
...RANGER-2291 covers changes only in optimized DB schema script, It seems all previous DB patches script should be reviewed and if required these script also should be made idempotent....    Author: Pradeep Agrawal , 2019-01-11, 13:28
[RANGER-2287] Improve and optimize file code - Ranger - [issue]    Author: Pradeep Agrawal , 2019-01-07, 06:14
[RANGER-2295] Set specific Ranger version in patches status entry table - Ranger - [issue]
...DB setup script looks for a specific version (Ranger 2.0.0-SNAPSHOT) to decide if patches need to be applied:select version from x_db_version_h where version = 'DB_PATCHES' and inst_by = 'Ra...    Author: Pradeep Agrawal , 2018-12-17, 09:09
[RANGER-2308] User role user should not able to access usersync audit report if it does not have permissions on the audit module. - Ranger - [issue]
...User role user should not able to access usersync audit report if it does not have permissions on the audit module....    Author: Pradeep Agrawal , 2018-12-13, 06:59
[RANGER-2291] Make optimized db schema script idempotent for all DB Flavors - Ranger - [issue]    Author: Pradeep Agrawal , 2018-12-13, 06:59
[RANGER-2273] Allow service admin and delegated admin user to view list of users and groups though they have 'USER' role - Ranger - [issue]
...Due to RANGER-2208 users list access is too restricted to the users who are having USER role. To create policies delegated admin and service admin need access to users and groups information...    Author: Pradeep Agrawal , 2018-11-27, 08:39
(Ranger-1.2 on Hadoop 2.8.x, 2.9.x, 3.0.x) incompatible types: Text cannot be converted to String - Ranger - [mail # user]
...I think currently it's not tested/supported for Hadoop 2.8 or higherversion.On Tue, Nov 27, 2018 at 11:24 AM Ascot Moss  wrote:> Hi,>> I need to use Hadoop 2.8.5,  does Ra...
   Author: Pradeep Agrawal , 2018-11-27, 06:58
[RANGER-2286] Ranger install may be prevented by leftover DB entry - Ranger - [issue]
...Ranger start script might be killed (eg. due to timeout or network error) while it is applying a db patch/java patch or changing the default passwords.In this case, an "in-progress" entry is...    Author: Pradeep Agrawal , 2018-11-21, 14:25
[RANGER-2279] Reduce the time spent changing passwords during Ranger Admin install - Ranger - [issue]
...ChangePasswordUtil takes 12-14 seconds to change a password. Its first invocation takes 25-30 seconds (additional time spent creating embedded service-defs). During the initial start of Rang...    Author: Pradeep Agrawal , 2018-11-14, 14:39
[RANGER-2278] Unable to delete user if he has references in new ref tables. - Ranger - [issue]
...Created a service/policy from a user. While trying to delete the same user was unable to delete the user as "added_by_id" and "upd_by_id" field having references of user id and due to foreig...    Author: Pradeep Agrawal , 2018-11-06, 05:38