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[ZOOKEEPER-3253] client should not send requests with cxid=-4, -2, or -1 - ZooKeeper - [issue]
...Once the cxid value increments to -4, the client will interpret the response as an auth packet rather than as a response to a request and will transparently drop the response and the request...    Author: Samuel Just , 2019-05-20, 17:50
[BOOKKEEPER-1102] org.apache.bookkeeper.client.BookKeeperDiskSpaceWeightedLedgerPlacementTest.testDiskSpaceWeightedBookieSelectionWithBookiesBeingAdded is unreliable - Bookkeeper - [issue] can intermittently fail depending on the timing of the c...    Author: Samuel Just , 2017-08-01, 13:56
[BOOKKEEPER-1103] LedgerMetadataCreateTest bug in ledger id generation causes intermittent hang - Bookkeeper - [issue]    Author: Samuel Just , 2017-07-29, 14:01
[BOOKKEEPER-1104] BookieInitializationTest.testWithDiskFullAndAbilityToCreateNewIndexFile testcase is unreliable - Bookkeeper - [issue]
...The bug is that the test sets the full threshhold really close the actual usage (though just below), and if the disk is otherwise in use, the usage can fall below that threshhold during the ...    Author: Samuel Just , 2017-07-28, 13:52
[BOOKKEEPER-1098] ZkUnderreplicationManager can build up an unbounded number of watchers - Bookkeeper - [issue]
...getLedgerToReplicate leaves watches each time it traverses thetree until it finds a suitable replication target.  Since we don't havea way of canceling watches, these watches tend to ge...    Author: Samuel Just , 2017-06-28, 21:36
[BOOKKEEPER-1031] ReplicationWorker.rereplicate fails to call close() on ReadOnlyLedgerHandle - Bookkeeper - [issue]
...This has the effect of permanently adding 1 listener per call into AbstractZkLedgerManager.listenerSet...    Author: Samuel Just , 2017-04-12, 13:39