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[METRON-1830] Re-implement Alerts dialog box without jQuery - Metron - [issue]
...Currently, the dialog box class in both UIs directly manipulates the DOM with jQuery. This is problematic when using a framework like Angular because it causes a disconnect with how Angular ...    Author: Shane Ardell , 2018-10-19, 10:15
[expand - 1 more] - [DISCUSS] Switching to a better alternative of Pikaday.js - Metron - [mail # dev]
...We are definitely on the same page.On Mon, Oct 15, 2018 at 2:06 PM Tibor Meller  wrote:> @Shane It seems like we're agreed on this. :D>> On Mon, Oct 15, 2018 at 1:18 PM Tibor M...
   Author: Shane Ardell , 2018-10-15, 13:39
[expand - 4 more] - [DISCUSS] Add e2e step to PR checklist - Metron - [mail # dev]
...Nick - To be clear, when you say you can never get them all to pass, do youmean you can never get all the tests to pass without protractor flakere-running the failing tests (ie. eventually a...
   Author: Shane Ardell , 2018-10-10, 09:48
[METRON-1749] Update Angular to latest release in Management UI - Metron - [issue]
...Currently, the Management UI is on Angular v2. Not only has there been many updates and improvements to Angular, that release is no longer supported by the Angular team. This means critical ...    Author: Shane Ardell , 2018-10-05, 13:25
Invite to Slack Channel - Metron - [mail # dev]
...Hello everyone,Is it possible for someone to send me an invite to the Metron Slack channel?Regards,Shane...
   Author: Shane Ardell , 2018-10-03, 14:17
[METRON-1763] Some Management UI endpoints returning 404 - Metron - [issue]
...While testing on full-dev, I've noticed many 404 errors in the browser console when I click to open the details panel for different parsers in the management UI. Is this by design, or are th...    Author: Shane Ardell , 2018-10-01, 12:22
[expand - 2 more] - [DISCUSS] Migrate from Protractor to Cypress - Metron - [mail # dev]
...I think Tibor's idea of using PCAP tests as an introduction to Cypress forMetron is a great idea. As he pointed out, PCAP tests can take advantage ofCypress' capability to mock responses, an...
   Author: Shane Ardell , 2018-09-26, 13:17
[METRON-1648] Use Cypress instead of Protractor to run e2e tests - Metron - [issue]
...There are a handful of major advantages we will gain if we switch from Protractor to Cypress: As with most Selenium-based e2e testing frameworks, Protractor suffers from test flakiness. This...    Author: Shane Ardell , 2018-09-19, 11:40
[METRON-1626] Alerts UI: An empty result is returned when searching for a single alert contained in a metaalert - Metron - [issue]
...When a user tries to searc for a single alert contained within a metaalert, an empty result set is returned from the API. Upon further inspection, it looks like this is because the query str...    Author: Shane Ardell , 2018-09-05, 15:33
[METRON-1627] Alerts UI: Metaalert details missing in details panel when trying to add alert to existing metaalert - Metron - [issue]
...When a user tries to add an alert to an already existing metaalert, the details panel should show metaalerts to select from with details. Currently, those details do not show. To reproduce, ...    Author: Shane Ardell , 2018-09-05, 15:33