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Users, or Job Types Base Resource Allocation - Mesos - [mail # user]
...Mesos does have roles based allocation that may cover this need.Alternatively, schedulers can do this from within the resources allocatedto them. As an example, OSS Fenzo library helps with ...
   Author: Sharma Podila , 2017-06-13, 23:58
[MESOS-5854] Log files from agent do not include all messages going to stdout/stderr - Mesos - [issue]
...Some of the error messages found in agent's stdout/stderr do not show up in the INFO/WARN/ERROR log files. This renders the specification of the log_dir wasteful and instead rely upon redire...    Author: Sharma Podila , 2017-04-26, 16:52
[expand - 1 more] - Can I consider other framework tasks as a resource? Does it make sense? - Mesos - [mail # user]
...Response below:On Thu, Dec 15, 2016 at 5:22 AM, Petr Novak  wrote:​Yes, that's right.​​Constraints can be on non-consumables. For example, we have constraints oncustom attributes, not j...
   Author: Sharma Podila , 2016-12-15, 15:04
Low-latency task submission - Mesos - [mail # user]
...Tobias, we have taken the approach of holding on to "some" offers tosupport fast launch of tasks while being a "good citizen" of a cluster bynot holding on to all unused offers for too long....
   Author: Sharma Podila , 2016-08-31, 13:48
[expand - 7 more] - mesos agent not recovering after ZK init failure - Mesos - [mail # user]
...Vinod,MESOS-5854  created. Feelfree to change the priority appropriately.Yes, the workaround I mentioned for disk size is based on resourcespecification, so that works for now.On Fri, J...
   Author: Sharma Podila , 2016-07-15, 19:22
[MESOS-4795] mesos agent not recovering after ZK init failure - Mesos - [issue]
...Here's the sequence of events that happened:-Agent running fine with 0.24.1-Transient ZK issues, slave flapping with zookeeper_init failure-ZK issue resolved-Most agents stop flapping and fu...    Author: Sharma Podila , 2016-07-14, 18:34
Mesos on hybrid AWS&DC - Best practices? - Mesos - [mail # user]
...I would second the suggestion of separate Mesos clusters for DC and AWS,with a layer on top for picking one or either based on the job SLAs andresource requirements.The local storage on clou...
   Author: Sharma Podila , 2016-06-30, 17:06
how to stop the mesos executor process in JVM? - Mesos - [mail # user]
...Yao, in our Java executor, we explicitly call System.exit(0) after we havesuccessfully sent the last finished message. However, note that there canbe a little bit of a timing issue here. Onc...
   Author: Sharma Podila , 2016-06-06, 14:04
[expand - 5 more] - Running Mesos agent on ARM (Raspberry Pi)? - Mesos - [mail # dev]
...Mesos builds were mostly already covered by notes from the community. There were a few other items that included challenges of running on corporate network in a company that runs everything ...
   Author: Sharma Podila , 2016-05-13, 14:33
How to use a complete host - Mesos - [mail # user]
...This can't be achieved with the offer model as it stands today, unless youhave only a single framework in the cluster. There is no visibility intowhat other resources are available on the ag...
   Author: Sharma Podila , 2016-05-02, 21:43