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[OOZIE-2002] Removed un-used property - Oozie - [issue]
...Looks like the following property is not used, but is available in oozie-default and oozie-site   <property>        <name>    Author: Shwetha G S , 2018-05-24, 17:15
[ATLAS-1137] UI: Make the lineage window re-sizable - Atlas - [issue]
...For large lineage graphs, the lineage window is not big enough to view the graph. Make the window re-sizeable for better user experience...    Author: Shwetha G S , 2018-05-17, 16:03
[ATLAS-394] Fix BaseResourceIT.waitForNotification() - Atlas - [issue]
...EntityNotificationConsumer sets entityNotification to the last read notification waitForNotification returns with the last read notification which may not be the expected one.  waitForN...    Author: Shwetha G S , 2018-05-17, 15:03
[ATLAS-541] Soft deletes - Atlas - [issue]
...We don't have graph versioning currently and hard deletes are not acceptable for data governance. This jira tracks the proposal for soft deletes which can mark an entity as deleted and by de...    Author: Shwetha G S , 2018-03-13, 16:51
[ATLAS-832] atlas_start should start embedded hbase and solr with -Pembedded_services - Atlas - [issue]
...As part of ATLAS-823, embedded hbase and solr was moved to profile 'embedded_services'. After the package is built using '-Pembedded_services', the package configuration points to local hbas...    Author: Shwetha G S , 2018-03-01, 19:30
[OOZIE-2061] Remove CoordJobDeleteJPAExecutor - Oozie - [issue]
...Looks like CoordJobDeleteJPAExecutor is not used anywhere. Remove if not required...    Author: Shwetha G S , 2018-01-25, 21:00
[ATLAS-1070] UI: make lineage query only if entity type extends DataSet - Atlas - [issue]
...Currently, UI makes lineage query in entity details page always which looks confusing in UI and shows error on server. UI should make lineage query only if entity type contains 'DataSet' in ...    Author: Shwetha G S , 2017-07-12, 11:13
[OOZIE-1967] Fix checkstyle issues - Oozie - [issue]    Author: Shwetha G S , 2017-06-15, 07:40
[HADOOP-14465] LdapGroupsMapping - support user and group search base - Hadoop - [issue] currently supports as search base for both user and group searches. However, this doesn't work when user ...    Author: Shwetha G S , 2017-06-09, 23:49
[ATLAS-1179] Hive hook test failure - Atlas - [issue]
...Trunk build fails:  HiveHookIT.testAlterTableDropColumn:996 expected:<1> but was:<2>  HiveHookIT.testCreateExternalTable:218->HiveITBase.assertTableIsRegistered:154-...    Author: Shwetha G S , 2017-06-01, 04:36