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[HBASE-24186] RegionMover ignores replicationId - HBase - [issue]
...When RegionMover looks up which rs hosts a region, it does this based on startRowKey. When read replication is enabled this might not return the expected region's data and this can prevent t...    Author: Szabolcs Bukros , 2020-05-19, 08:03
[HBASE-23995] Snapshoting a splitting region results in corrupted snapshot - HBase - [issue]
...The problem seems to originate from the fact that while the region split itself runs in a lock, the compactions following it run in separate threads. Alternatively the use of space quota pol...    Author: Szabolcs Bukros , 2020-03-26, 17:15
[expand - 1 more] - [DISCUSS] Stop flagging Read Replication from next release - HBase - [mail # dev]
...Hi Nick,Thank you for your answer!"I'm not quite comfortable with removing the warning yet (more testing to bedone), but I'm hoping to get to that point, at least for our productionworkloads...
   Author: Szabolcs Bukros , 2020-02-28, 15:13
[HBASE-23601] OutputSink.WriterThread exception gets stuck and repeated indefinietly - HBase - [issue]
...When a WriterThread runs into an exception (ie: NotServingRegionException), the exception is stored in the controller. It is never removed and can not be overwritten either. public void run(...    Author: Szabolcs Bukros , 2020-01-30, 12:18
HBase Chaos Monkey - HBase - [mail # user]
...Hi AlexFu,ChasoMonkey is delivered with hbase. You can find some documentation here:,SzabolcsOn Th...
   Author: Szabolcs Bukros , 2020-01-17, 14:28
[HBASE-23591] Negative memStoreSizing - HBase - [issue]
...After a flush on the replica region the memStoreSizing becomes negative:2019-12-17 08:31:59,983 DEBUG org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.HRegion: 0beaae111b0f6e98bfde31ba35be5408 : Replayi...    Author: Szabolcs Bukros , 2020-01-11, 14:01
[HBASE-23589] FlushDescriptor contains non-matching family/output combinations - HBase - [issue]
...Flushing the active region creates the following files:2019-12-13 08:00:20,866 INFO org.apache.hadoop.hbase.regionserver.HStore: Added hdfs://replica-1:8020/hbase/data/default/IntegrationTes...    Author: Szabolcs Bukros , 2020-01-09, 04:35
[HBASE-23566] Fix package/packet terminology problem in chaos monkeys - HBase - [issue]
...There is a terminology problem in some of the network issue related chaos monkey actions. The universally understood technical term for network packet is packet, not "package"....    Author: Szabolcs Bukros , 2019-12-14, 00:58
[HBASE-23085] Network and Data related Actions - HBase - [issue]
...Add additional actions to: manipulate network packages with tc (reorder, loose,...) add CPU load fill the disk corrupt or delete regionserver data filesCreate new monkey factories for the ne...    Author: Szabolcs Bukros , 2019-12-12, 14:37
[HBASE-23352] Allow chaos monkeys to access cmd line params, and improve FillDiskCommandAction - HBase - [issue]
...When integration tests are run through hbase cli the properties passed as cmd line params does not reach the chaos monkies. It is possible to define a property file, but it would be more fle...    Author: Szabolcs Bukros , 2019-12-03, 02:41