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[expand - 2 more] - [VOTE] Release Apache Hadoop Submarine 0.2.0 - RC0 - HDFS - [mail # dev]
...+1 (non-binding)On Fri, Jun 21, 2019, 09:09 Weiwei Yang  wrote:> +1 (binding)>> Thanks> Weiwei> On Jun 21, 2019, 5:33 AM +0800, Wangda Tan , wrote:> +1 Binding. Tested...
   Author: Szilard Nemeth , 2019-06-21, 07:44
[YARN-9359] Avoid code duplication in Resources for calculation methods - YARN - [issue]
...This is a follow-up for YARN-9318, dealing with code duplication issueas, as discussed with Daniel Templeton earlier.Resources has many very similar calculation methods like addTo, subtractF...    Author: Szilard Nemeth , 2019-06-17, 15:37
[YARN-9455] SchedulerInvalidResoureRequestException has a typo in its class (and file) name - YARN - [issue]
...The class name should be: SchedulerInvalidResourceRequestException...    Author: Szilard Nemeth , 2019-06-13, 03:14
[YARN-9353] TestNMWebFilter should be renamed - YARN - [issue]
...TestNMWebFilter should be renamed to should be renamed to NMWebAppFilter, as there is no class named NMWebFilter. The javadoc of the class is also outdated....    Author: Szilard Nemeth , 2019-06-08, 08:24
[YARN-9360] Do not expose innards of QueueMetrics object into FSLeafQueue#computeMaxAMResource - YARN - [issue]
...This is a follow-up for YARN-9323, covering required changes as discussed with Daniel Templeton earlier.After YARN-9323, org.apache.hadoop.yarn.server.resourcemanager.scheduler.fair.FSLeafQu...    Author: Szilard Nemeth , 2019-05-17, 13:43
[YARN-9453] Clean up code long if-else chain in ApplicationCLI#run - YARN - [issue] is 630 lines long, contains a long if-else chain and many many conditions. As a start, the bodies of the conditions could be extracted to...    Author: Szilard Nemeth , 2019-05-13, 18:26
[YARN-9535] Typos in Docker documentation - YARN - [issue]
...container-executer should be replaced with container-executor in Docker documentation page....    Author: Szilard Nemeth , 2019-05-08, 21:12
[YARN-9410] Typo in documentation: Using FPGA On YARN - YARN - [issue]
...fpag.major-device-number should be changed to fpga... ...    Author: Szilard Nemeth , 2019-04-25, 13:03
[YARN-9123] Clean up and split testcases in TestNMWebServices for GPU support - YARN - [issue]
...The following testcases can be cleaned up a bit: TestNMWebServices#testGetNMResourceInfo - Can be split up to 3 different casesTestNMWebServices#testGetYarnGpuResourceInfo...    Author: Szilard Nemeth , 2019-04-16, 20:58
[YARN-9052] Replace all MockRM submit method definitions with a builder - YARN - [issue]
...MockRM has 31 definitions of submitApp, most of them having more than acceptable number of parameters, ranging from 2 to even 22 parameters, which makes the code completely unreadable.On top...    Author: Szilard Nemeth , 2019-04-11, 17:19