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[YARN-8774] Memory leak when CapacityScheduler allocates from reserved container with non-default label - YARN - [issue]
...The cause is that the RMContainerImpl instance of reserved container lost its node label expression, when scheduler reserves containers for non-default node-label requests, it will be wrongl...    Author: Tao Yang , 2018-09-30, 02:05
[YARN-8804] resourceLimits may be wrongly calculated when leaf-queue is blocked in cluster with 3+ level queues - YARN - [issue]
...This problem is due to YARN-4280, parent queue will deduct child queue's headroom when the child queue reached its resource limit and the skipped type is QUEUE_LIMIT, the resource limits of ...    Author: Tao Yang , 2018-09-27, 03:27
[YARN-8771] CapacityScheduler fails to unreserve when cluster resource contains empty resource type - YARN - [issue]
...We found this problem when cluster is almost but not exhausted (93% used), scheduler kept allocating for an app but always fail to commit, this can blocking requests from other apps and part...    Author: Tao Yang , 2018-09-20, 02:09
[YARN-8729] Node status updater thread could be lost after it is restarted - YARN - [issue]
...Today I found a lost NM whose node status updater thread was not exist after this thread restarted. In NodeStatusUpdaterImpl#rebootNodeStatusUpdaterAndRegisterWithRM, isStopped flag is not u...    Author: Tao Yang , 2018-09-14, 02:57
[YARN-8709] CS preemption monitor always fails since one under-served queue was deleted - YARN - [issue]
...After some queues deleted, the preemption checker in SchedulingMonitor was always skipped  because of YarnRuntimeException for every run.Error logs:ERROR [SchedulingMonitor (Proportiona...    Author: Tao Yang , 2018-09-11, 01:37
[YARN-8737] Race condition in ParentQueue when reinitializing and sorting child queues in the meanwhile - YARN - [issue]
...Administrator raised a update for queues through REST API, in RM parent queue is refreshing child queues through calling ParentQueue#reinitialize, meanwhile, async-schedule threads is sortin...    Author: Tao Yang , 2018-08-31, 03:06
[YARN-8728] Wrong available resource in AllocateResponse when allocating containers to different partitions in the same queue - YARN - [issue]
...Recently I found some apps' available resource in AllocateResponse was changing between two different resources. After check the code, I think LeafQueue#queueResourceLimitsInfo is wrongly up...    Author: Tao Yang , 2018-08-31, 01:51
[YARN-5683] Support specifying storage type for per-application local dirs - YARN - [issue]
...Introduction Some applications of various frameworks (Flink, Spark and MapReduce etc) using local storage (checkpoint, shuffle etc) might require high IO performance. It's useful to allocate...    Author: Tao Yang , 2018-08-28, 10:50
[YARN-8692] Support node utilization metrics for SLS - YARN - [issue]
...The distribution of node utilization is an important healthy factor for the YARN cluster, related metrics in SLS can be used to evaluate the scheduling effects and optimize related configura...    Author: Tao Yang , 2018-08-23, 05:54
[YARN-8685] Add containers query support for nodes/node REST API in RMWebServices - YARN - [issue]
...Currently we can only query running containers from NM containers REST API, but can't get the valid containers which are in ALLOCATED/ACQUIRED state. We have the requirements to get all cont...    Author: Tao Yang , 2018-08-23, 01:29