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[IMPALA-8458] Can't set numNull/maxSize/avgSize column stats with local catalog without also setting NDV - Impala - [issue]
...Repro:[] default> create table test_stats2(s string);+-------------------------+| summary                 |+--...    Author: Tim Armstrong , 2019-05-20, 19:21
[IMPALA-7486] Admit less memory on dedicated coordinator for admission control purposes - Impala - [issue]
...Following on from IMPALA-7349, we should consider handling dedicated coordinators specially rather than admitting a uniform amount of memory on all backends.The specific scenario I'm interes...    Author: Tim Armstrong , 2019-05-20, 17:05
[IMPALA-8483] Make coordinator fragment lighter-weight - Impala - [issue]'s possible to write queries with an arbitrarily expensive coordinator fragment. One example is a query with a set of unpartitioned analytic functions each with a different ORDER BY, which...    Author: Tim Armstrong , 2019-05-20, 17:04
[IMPALA-3436] Round(double, int) should return decimal - Impala - [issue]
...Impala has several versions of round: round(double a), round(double a, int d), round(decimal a, int_type d)round(double a) returns a BIGINT, which makes sense because it rounds to the neares...    Author: Tim Armstrong , 2019-05-20, 15:52
[DISCUSS][C++] Unaligned memory accesses (undefined behavior) - Arrow - [mail # dev]
...I don't know the Arrow and parquet-cpp codebases but this is exactly whatwe did in Impala to solve similar issues and we haven't had any performanceproblems with it - it should get compiled ...
   Author: Tim Armstrong , 2019-05-17, 20:13
[IMPALA-8121] Pick better default flags in containers - Impala - [issue]
...There are some new features of Impala that are done but disabled by default because they are not strictly better than the previous versions. E.g. the various metadata improvements. Container...    Author: Tim Armstrong , 2019-05-17, 15:49
[IMPALA-8464] JdbcTest.testMetaDataGetColumnComments() fails with local catalog - Impala - [issue]
...Error MessageIncorrect table comment expected:<[]> but was:<[table comment]>Stacktraceorg.junit.ComparisonFailure: Incorrect table comment expected:<[]> but was:<[table ...    Author: Tim Armstrong , 2019-05-16, 20:34
[IMPALA-7331] Add Char codegen support to helpers - Impala - [issue]
...There are a lot of generic helpers with missing TYPE_CHAR support. We need to add char to those. The tuple layout is identical to TYPE_FIXED_UDA_INTERMEDIATE and the UDF StringVal type is us...    Author: Tim Armstrong , 2019-05-15, 22:37
[IMPALA-7657] Proper codegen for TupleIsNullPredicate, IsNotEmptyPredicate and ValidTupleId - Impala - [issue]
...These utility functions use GetCodegendComputeFnWrapper() to call the interpreted path but instead we could codegen them into efficient code. We could either use IRBuilder or, if possible, c...    Author: Tim Armstrong , 2019-05-15, 22:37
[IMPALA-4356] Automatically codegen expressions with any root Expr node - Impala - [issue]
...Currently Impala only automatically codegens expression subtrees with ScalarFnCall at the root. This is the expression type used to implement many but not all expressions (including most bui...    Author: Tim Armstrong , 2019-05-15, 22:37