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[IMPALA-7140] Build out support for HDFS tables and views in LocalCatalog - Impala - [issue]
...This subtask tracks the work to build out basic read-only support for HDFS tables and views in the LocalCatalog implementation: loading table schemas loading partitions loading file informat...    Author: Todd Lipcon , 2019-02-22, 17:34
[IMPALA-7141] Extract interfaces for partition pruning prior to fetching partitions - Impala - [issue]
...In the LocalCatalog, we want to only fetch the partitions that are referenced by a query – i.e. we must prune partitions based only on the partition names and not the entire partition ...    Author: Todd Lipcon , 2019-02-22, 03:58
[IMPALA-7135] Skeleton implementation of LocalCatalog - Impala - [issue]
...This subtask encompasses adding the skeleton for the non-catalogd-based FeCatalog implementation. The goal for this JIRA is to just add the main classes and a simple unit test to verify that...    Author: Todd Lipcon , 2019-02-22, 03:40
[IMPALA-7137] Support configuring impalad to use the LocalCatalog - Impala - [issue]
...This JIRA tracks adding a gflag '--use_local_catalog' which will tell the frontend to instantiate LocalCatalog instead of ImpaladCatalog. In addition, the lifecycle needs to be managed sligh...    Author: Todd Lipcon , 2019-02-22, 03:39
[HDFS-14111] hdfsOpenFile on HDFS causes unnecessary IO from file offset 0 - HDFS - [issue]
...hdfsOpenFile() calls readDirect() with a 0-length argument in order to check whether the underlying stream supports bytebuffer reads. With DFSInputStream, the read(0) isn't short circuited, ...    Author: Todd Lipcon , 2019-02-21, 22:34
[KUDU-2204] Revamp storage of tablet server metadata - Kudu - [issue]
...Since the very early days of Kudu we've used the file system as a sort of key-value store for various bits of metadata – in particular, each tablet has a "tablet metadata" file and a "...    Author: Todd Lipcon , 2019-02-21, 22:06
[KUDU-1945] Support generation of surrogate primary keys (or tables with no PK) - Kudu - [issue]
...Many use cases have data where there is no "natural" primary key. For example, a web log use case mostly cares about partitioning and not about precise sorting by timestamp, and timestamps t...    Author: Todd Lipcon , 2019-02-21, 18:52
[IMPALA-7450] catalogd should use thread names to make jstack more readable - Impala - [issue]
...Currently when long refresh or DDL operations are being processed, it's hard to understand what's going on when looking at a jstack. We should have such potentially-long-running operations t...    Author: Todd Lipcon , 2019-02-21, 05:00
[KUDU-1900] Localhost connections to single-host clusters on Ubuntu don't skip TLS - Kudu - [issue]
...On Ubuntu, it seems like we sometimes end up with connections from to when running a local cluster and connecting to to it from the same machine. This is because Ubuntu p...    Author: Todd Lipcon , 2019-02-20, 18:31
[IMPALA-7128] Extract interfaces for frontend interaction with catalog objects - Impala - [issue]
...Currently both the catalogd and the impalad use the same implementation classes for catalog objects such as Table, Function, HdfsPartition, etc. Those implementations are fairly tightly coup...    Author: Todd Lipcon , 2019-02-17, 02:38