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[DRILL-4454] NPE on select with options when file does not exist - Drill - [issue]
...File t1.csv does not exist:0: jdbc:drill:schema=dfs> SELECT * FROM TABLE(dfs.`t1.csv`(type => 'text', extractHeader => true));Error: VALIDATION ERROR: java.lang.NullPointerException...    Author: Victoria Markman , 2018-07-13, 15:05
[DRILL-4276] Need a way to check on status of drillbits - Drill - [issue]
...So I had this situation when cluster started with 8 nodes and 2 went down for some reason. As a user, my only way to detect this situation: query failed because something started to execute ...    Author: Victoria Markman , 2018-06-20, 22:56
[DRILL-4190] Don't hold on to batches from left side of merge join - Drill - [issue]
...TPCDS queries with the latest 1.4.0 release when hash join is disabled:22 queries fail with out of memory 2 wrong results (I did not validate the nature of wrong result yet)Only query97.sql ...    Author: Victoria Markman , 2018-05-31, 23:42
[DRILL-4196] some TPCDS queries return wrong result when hash join is disabled - Drill - [issue]
...With hash join disabled query52.sql and query40.sql returned incorrect result with 1.4.0 :+-----------------+-------------------------------------------+-------------------------------------...    Author: Victoria Markman , 2018-05-31, 23:39
[DRILL-2101] Decimal literals are treated as double - Drill - [issue]
...create table t1(c1) asselect        cast(null as decimal(28,4))from `t1.csv`;message root {  optional double c1; <-- Wrong, should be decimal}This is very commonl...    Author: Victoria Markman , 2018-05-07, 06:44
[DRILL-2746] Filter is not pushed into subquery past UNION ALL - Drill - [issue]
...I expected to see filter pushed to at least left side of UNION ALL, instead it is applied after UNION ALL0: jdbc:drill:schema=dfs> explain plan for select * from (select a1, b1, c1 from t...    Author: Victoria Markman , 2018-04-29, 21:21
[DRILL-3936] We don't handle out of memory condition during build phase of hash join - Drill - [issue]
...It looks like we just fall through ( see excerpt from below )  public void executeBuildPhase() throws SchemaChangeException, ClassTransformationException, IOException...    Author: Victoria Markman , 2017-12-12, 03:35
[DRILL-4286] Have an ability to put server in quiescent mode of operation - Drill - [issue]
...I think drill will benefit from mode of operation that is called "quiescent" in some databases. From IBM Informix server documentation:Change gracefully from online to quiescent modeTake the...    Author: Victoria Markman , 2017-12-04, 11:39
[DRILL-3288] False "Hash aggregate does not support schema changes" error message in a query with merge join and hash aggregation - Drill - [issue]
...This error seems to be happening only when you have both window and regular aggregate function in a query. You will need to disable hash join to reproduce this error: "alter session set `pla...    Author: Victoria Markman , 2017-11-15, 15:45
[DRILL-4092] Support for INTERSECT - Drill - [issue]    Author: Victoria Markman , 2017-11-12, 20:34