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[AMBARI-24203] Improve Kafka service check to check for under-replicated partitions - Ambari - [issue]
...During Ambari Rolling Upgrade, we invoke Kafka Service check to ensure that Kafka is healthy. The current implementation only does basic topic creation/deletion. We need to extend the implem...    Author: Yolanda M. Davis , 2018-07-02, 19:27
[NIFI-4942] NiFi Toolkit - Allow migration of master key without previous password - NiFi - [issue]
...Currently the encryption cli in nifi toolkit requires that, in order to migrate from one master key to the next, the previous master key or password should be provided. In cases where the pr...    Author: Yolanda M. Davis , 2018-05-09, 17:54
[AMBARI-22836] Stack Feature Updates - SAM, KAFKA, NiFi, and Schema Registry - Ambari - [issue]
...The following stack feature changes are required:1) Remove Kafka Stack Feature kafka_extended_sasl_support  (doesn't apply to current version)2) Remove registry entries: registry_allowed_res...    Author: Yolanda M. Davis , 2018-04-26, 23:09
[AMBARI-23505] Cluster version is not updated after stack upgrade - Ambari - [issue]
...While testing a case where we upgrade, downgrade, then upgrade HDF stack, we noticed that the cluster version value was not updated (expected to go from HDF 3.1 to HDF 3.2).  Ambari did...    Author: Yolanda M. Davis , 2018-04-09, 16:16
[NIFI-2575] HiveQL Processors Fail due to invalid JDBC URI resolution when using Zookeeper URI - NiFi - [issue]
...When configuring a HiveQL processor using the Zookeeper URL (e.g. jdbc:hive2://ydavis-hdp-nifi-test-3.openstacklocal:2181,ydavis-hdp-nifi-test-1.openstacklocal:2181,ydavis-hdp-nifi-test-2.op...    Author: Yolanda M. Davis , 2018-03-28, 19:09
[AMBARI-22483] Add SAM StackFeatures to HDP StackFeatures - DB Storage Support - Ambari - [issue]
...     {        "name": "sam_db_file_storage",        "description": "DB based file storage in SAM",        "min_vers...    Author: Yolanda M. Davis , 2018-01-23, 21:20
[AMBARI-22485] Allow Ambari to support non-kerberos SASL mechanisms for Kafka - Ambari - [issue]
...Currently AMBARI support's SASL and SSL as the security options for Kafka.Within SASL Ambari only supports GSSAPI(kerberos) only. Kafka supports other mechanisms such as plain, md5 etc.. Thi...    Author: Yolanda M. Davis , 2018-01-23, 21:11
[AMBARI-22505] Kafka service check fails when using a non-root user in kerberized environment - Ambari - [issue]
...When Ambari agents are configured to run with a non-root user, if kerberos is enabled, Kafka service check experiences errors in the logs which indicate that the check is attempting to creat...    Author: Yolanda M. Davis , 2018-01-23, 21:08
[NIFI-4211] Support shared provider configuration information for authentication and authorization - NiFi - [issue]
...The introduction of the new UserGroup and Policy provider interfaces highlight an opportunity to allow configuration information for connecting to source systems, such as LDAP/Kerberos, to b...    Author: Yolanda M. Davis , 2018-01-05, 11:08
[NIFI-4255] Add support for providing ACLs for paths in Zookeeper Migration tool - NiFi - [issue]
...Currently in the Zookeeper migration utility there is support for applying acls when importing zookeeper data (Znodes).  However this support only applies default ACLs values (either Op...    Author: Yolanda M. Davis , 2017-11-13, 19:49