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[expand - 1 more] - is it possible to deserialize JSON with optional field? - Avro - [mail # user]
...Please don’t insinuate any “promotion” efforts from my side. I am simply trying to help, and insinuations like this can only hinder participation and not help the project in any way.You don’...
   Author: Zoltan Farkas , 2019-04-16, 14:13
[CASSANDRA-3607] Iterating through HashMap via key set instead of entry set - Cassandra - [issue]
...At[line 2635]At[line 2687]At[line 286]At[line 2138]...    Author: Zoltan Farkas , 2019-03-12, 14:20
[CASSANDRA-3604] Bad code in org.apache.cassandra.cql.QueryProcessor - Cassandra - [issue]
...line 206:            if (rows.get(0).key.key.equals(startKey))                rows.remove(0);the equals will always retu...    Author: Zoltan Farkas , 2019-03-12, 14:16
[CASSANDRA-3606] Resource Leaks in code - Cassandra - [issue] the following locations:At SSLFactory:[line 87]At SSTableExportTest:[line 83]At CommitLogTest:[line 191]At KeyGenerator:[line 108]At[li...    Author: Zoltan Farkas , 2019-03-12, 14:12
[CASSANDRA-3605] Exception swallowing in - Cassandra - [issue] line 94:            try            {                s = str...    Author: Zoltan Farkas , 2019-03-12, 14:00
[AVRO-1831] Take advantage of JSR 3.5 annotations in the generated java classes. - Avro - [issue] would be nice if the generated records would take advantage of:@javax.annotation.Nullable@javax.annotation.Nonnullto annotate the fields that can be null...This would have a documenting r...    Author: Zoltan Farkas , 2019-02-05, 22:10
[AVRO-1950] Better Json serialization for Avro decimal logical types? - Avro - [issue]
...Currently as I understand decimal logical types are encoded on top of bytes and fixed avro types. This makes them a bit "unnatural" in the json encoding...I worked around a hack in my fork t...    Author: Zoltan Farkas , 2018-12-30, 05:44
[AVRO-1752] Aliases for enum symbols. - Avro - [issue]
...Currently named types and fields might have aliases acording to the spec.It would be great if enum symbols could have aliases as well...This would be useful to compatibly fix misspellings......    Author: Zoltan Farkas , 2018-12-30, 05:40
[AVRO-1934] Avro test resources reference old avro dev versions - Avro - [issue]
...For example: references 1.7.3-SNAPSHOT:  <parent>    <artifactId&...    Author: Zoltan Farkas , 2018-12-30, 05:40
[AVRO-1911] for avro HTTP content type instead of avro/binary, application/octet-stream;fmt=avro might be more appropriate? - Avro - [issue]
...the content type is defined in:/** An HTTP-based {@link Transceiver} implementation. */public class HttpTransceiver extends Transceiver {  static final String CONTENT_TYPE = "avro/binar...    Author: Zoltan Farkas , 2018-12-30, 05:39