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[ANNOUNCE] Zili Chen becomes a Flink committer - Flink - [mail # user]
...Congratulations!Best,Jiayi Liao Original Message Sender: Till RohrmannRecipient: dev; userDate: Wednesday, Sep 11, 2019 17:22Subject: [ANNOUNCE] Zili Chen becomes a Flink committerHi ev...
   Author: bupt_ljy , 2019-09-11, 10:35
[ANNOUNCE] Jiangjie (Becket) Qin has been added as a committer tothe Flink project - Flink - [mail # dev]
...Congratulations !Best Regards,Jiayi LiaoOriginal MessageSender:Hequn [EMAIL PROTECTED]Recipient:[EMAIL PROTECTED]Date:Thursday, Jul 18, 2019 17:51Subject:Re: [ANNOUNCE] Jiangjie (Becket) Qin...
   Author: bupt_ljy , 2019-07-18, 10:46
[expand - 2 more] - Add relative path support in Savepoint Connector - Flink - [mail # dev]
...Hi Konstantin,Thank you for your feedback. You’re right that this part belongs to the savepoint desrializing.    This is an old issue which should be resolve before 1.3 version acc...
   Author: bupt_ljy , 2019-07-17, 15:08
[expand - 1 more] - RE: [DISCUSS] Improve Queryable State and introduce aQueryServerProxy component - Flink - [mail # dev]
...Hi vino,Big +1 for this.Glad to see new progress on this topic! I’ve left some comments on it.Best Regards,Jiayi LiaoOriginal MessageSender:vino [EMAIL PROTECTED]Recipient:Georgi [EMAIL PROT...
   Author: bupt_ljy , 2019-07-03, 06:48
[expand - 1 more] - A Question About Flink Network Stack - Flink - [mail # dev]
...Hi Zhijiang,Thank you for the detailed explaination!Best Regards,Jiayi LiaoOriginal MessageSender:[EMAIL PROTECTED]LIDRecipient:[EMAIL PROTECTED]Date:Tuesday, Jun 18, 2019 17:34Subject:Re: A...
   Author: bupt_ljy , 2019-06-18, 10:44
[SPARK-26182] Cost increases when optimizing scalaUDF - Spark - [issue]
...Let's assume that we have a udf called splitUDF which outputs a map data. The SQLselect    g['a'], g['b']from   ( select splitUDF(x) as g from table) tblwill be opti...    Author: bupt_ljy , 2019-05-10, 04:15
[FLINK-11019] Expose the queryable proxy server port in taskinfo api - Flink - [issue]
...Now we can't get the queryable proxy server port outside a flink job. It'll be hard to get if we manually set the port to be in a range.We should add this in the taskinfo api....    Author: bupt_ljy , 2019-03-11, 13:01
[FLINK-10306] Support the display of log file from any position on webUI - Flink - [issue]
...Although we copy the whole log files from taskmanager to blob service host, sometimes we may not be able to read the whole file's content on WebUI because of the browser's load.We already us...    Author: bupt_ljy , 2019-02-28, 15:46
[FLINK-10654] AllowNonRestoredState should skip state that cannot be restored - Flink - [issue]
...We have a n/-allowNonRestoredState option when we submit a job from command line. I know that it's used to ignore new operators' state, but I think it will be better if we can support that i...    Author: bupt_ljy , 2019-02-28, 15:45
[FLINK-10539] Support specific namespace in QueryableStateClient - Flink - [issue]
...The only method of getting KvState we can access is getKvState, which directly uses VoidNamespace to query the state in stateTable, I think we should add a new method to let users able to sp...    Author: bupt_ljy , 2019-02-28, 15:45