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[ZOOKEEPER-2238] Support limiting the maximum number of connections/clients to a zookeeper server. - ZooKeeper - [issue]
...Currently zookeeper have the feature of limiting the maximum number of connection/client  per IP or Host (maxClientCnxns).But to safe guard zookeeper server from DoS attack due to many ...    Author: nijel , 2019-11-14, 04:54
[HDFS-8631] WebHDFS : Support setQuota - HDFS - [issue]
...User is able do quota management from filesystem object. Same operation can be allowed trough REST API....    Author: nijel , 2019-10-29, 04:12
[ZOOKEEPER-2251] Add Client side packet response timeout to avoid infinite wait. - ZooKeeper - [issue]
...I came across one issue related to Client side packet response timeout In my cluster many packet drops happened for some time.One observation is the zookeeper client got hanged. As per the t...    Author: nijel , 2019-05-20, 17:50
[YARN-4249] Many options in "yarn application" command is not documented - YARN - [issue] document only few options are specified.Usage: `yarn application [options] `| COMMAND\_OPTIONS | Description ||:---- |:---- || -appStates \<States\> | Works with -list to filter app...    Author: nijel , 2018-10-26, 03:18
[YARN-3813] Support Application timeout feature in YARN. - YARN - [issue]
...It will be useful to support Application Timeout in YARN. Some use cases are not worried about the output of the applications if the application is not completed in a specific time. Backgrou...    Author: nijel , 2018-08-08, 04:05
[YARN-4192] Add YARN metric logging periodically to a seperate file - YARN - [issue]
...HDFS-8880 added a framework for logging metrics in a given interval.This can be added to YARN as wellAny thoughts ?...    Author: nijel , 2018-07-12, 03:43
[HBASE-12021] Hbase shell does not respect the HBASE_OPTS set by the user in console - HBase - [issue]
...Before starting hbase shell i have set some -D parameters reauired for kerberos authentication in HBASE_OPTS (there is no other variables are used when shell is executed). But while invoking...    Author: nijel , 2018-04-06, 17:54
[NIFI-4669] HBase_1_1_2_ClientService is always in Disabling state if it is stopped when there is an error - NiFi - [issue]
...HII am using HBase_1_1_2_ClientService. Say there is any error during enabling it (zk error or Hbase error).After this if i try to disable it, it is in disabling state for ever.If i need to ...    Author: nijel , 2017-12-06, 04:01
[YARN-4206] Add Application timeouts in Application report and CLI - YARN - [issue]    Author: nijel , 2016-11-24, 13:07
[YARN-4205] Add a service for monitoring application life time out - YARN - [issue]
...This JIRA intend to provide a lifetime monitor service. The service will monitor the applications where the life time is configured. If the application is running beyond the lifetime, it wil...    Author: nijel , 2016-11-21, 05:52