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[HBASE-8135] Mutation should implement HeapSize - HBase - [issue]
...Code is there already.Doing so would allow to share some code when doing client side buffering.patch compiles locally, should not impact tests, but not tested locally....    Author: nkeywal , 2013-03-20, 03:39
[HBASE-8145] TestHCM flaky: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Row length is 0 - HBase - [issue]
...I will check for 0.95.    for (HRegion region : regions) {      if (!region.getRegionInfo().getEncodedName().equals(toMove.getRegionInfo().getEncodedName())  &n...    Author: nkeywal , 2013-03-19, 21:47
[HBASE-6674] Check behavior of current surefire trunk on Hadoop QA - HBase - [issue]
...Not to be committed.Surefire 2.13 is in progress. Let's check that it works for us before it's released. Locally it's acceptable....    Author: nkeywal , 2013-03-19, 09:28
[HBASE-8136] coprocessor service requires .meta. to be available all the time. - HBase - [issue]
...HTable#getRegionLocations does not use a cache: all the calls to this function go to .META.So: we're missing an opportunity to reuse/update the location cache in the HConnection. this method...    Author: nkeywal , 2013-03-18, 16:29
[HBASE-7327] Assignment Timeouts: Remove the code from the master - HBase - [issue]
...As per HBASE-7247......    Author: nkeywal , 2013-03-13, 03:14
[HBASE-7581] TestAccessController depends on the execution order - HBase - [issue]    Author: nkeywal , 2013-03-12, 00:34
[HBASE-7989] Client with a cache info on a dead server will wait for 20s before trying another one. - HBase - [issue]
...Scenario is: fetch the cache in the client a server dies try to use a region that is on the dead serverThis will lead to a 20 second connect timeout. We don't have this in unit test because ...    Author: nkeywal , 2013-03-07, 21:26
[HBASE-8003] Threads#getBoundedCachedThreadPool harcodes the time unit to seconds - HBase - [issue]
... /** Create a new CachedThreadPool with a bounded number as the maximum thread size in the pool. @param maxCachedThread the maximum thread could be created in the pool @param timeout t...    Author: nkeywal , 2013-03-06, 01:50
[HBASE-5693] When creating a region, the master initializes it and creates a memstore within the master server - HBase - [issue]
...I didn't do a complete analysis, but the attached patch saves more than 0.25s for each region creation and locally all the unit tests work....    Author: nkeywal , 2013-02-26, 08:23
[HBASE-5572] KeeperException.SessionExpiredException management could be improved in Master - HBase - [issue]
...Synthesis: 1) TestMasterZKSessionRecovery distinguish two cases on SessionExpiredException. One is explicitly not managed. However, is seems that there is no reason for this. 2) Th...    Author: nkeywal , 2013-02-26, 07:11