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[DRILL-6731] JPPD:Move aggregating the BF from the Foreman to the RuntimeFilter - Drill - [issue]
...This PR is to move the BloomFilter aggregating work from the foreman to RuntimeFilter. Though this change, the RuntimeFilter can apply the incoming BF as soon as possible....    Author: weijie.tong , 2018-09-22, 06:21
[DRILL-6745] Introduce the xxHash algorithm as another hash64 option - Drill - [issue]
...Supply another hash64 algorithm : xxHash as a replacer to MurmurHash. According to xxHash report , it is more faster than MurmurHash  and projects like Spark ,Presto have adopted it....    Author: weijie.tong , 2018-09-20, 18:41
[DRILL-6736] Make successive MinorFragments running in the same JVM communicate without the network - Drill - [issue]
...At current implementation, two successive MinorFragments running in the same JVM to transfer RecordBatchs is to use the DataTunnel that means by the socket. This is not the best performance ...    Author: weijie.tong , 2018-09-09, 04:04
[DRILL-6385] Support JPPD (Join Predicate Push Down) - Drill - [issue]
...This feature is to support the JPPD (Join Predicate Push Down). It will benefit the HashJoin ,Broadcast HashJoin performance by reducing the number of rows to send across the network ,the me...    Author: weijie.tong , 2018-09-02, 05:48
[DRILL-6572] Add memory calculattion of JPPD BloomFilter - Drill - [issue]
...This is an enhancement of DRILL-6385 to include the memory of BloomFilter in the HashJoin's memory calculation....    Author: weijie.tong , 2018-07-02, 22:39
[DRILL-6573] Enhance JPPD with NDV - Drill - [issue]
...Using NDV from the metadata system to judge whether the BloomFilter should be enabled at a possible HashJoin node....    Author: weijie.tong , 2018-07-02, 07:05
[DRILL-5764] upgrade netty version to higher - Drill - [issue]
...As current netty 4.0.27.Final has a bug ( to epoll method, we now abandon the epoll method at linux platform (see TransportCheck). Now the epoll bu...    Author: weijie.tong , 2018-05-31, 16:58
[DRILL-6058] Define per connection level OptionManager - Drill - [issue]
...We want to control some queries's running frequency which need to be identified by some options .One requirement case is we want to control the download query times, but allow the normal que...    Author: weijie.tong , 2018-05-30, 20:34
[DRILL-5913] DrillReduceAggregatesRule mixed the same functions of the same inputRef which have different dataTypes - Drill - [issue]
...sample query:select stddev_samp(cast(employee_id as int)) as col1, sum(cast(employee_id as int)) as col2 from cp.`employee.json`error info:org.apache.drill.exec.rpc.RpcException: org.apache....    Author: weijie.tong , 2018-05-28, 11:21
[DRILL-5696] Change default compiler strategy - Drill - [issue] our production ,when we have more than 20 agg expression, the  compile time is high using the default janino.  but when changed to  jdk compiler,we gain fewer compile time ...    Author: weijie.tong , 2018-05-22, 18:23