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[expand - 1 more] - [DISCUSS] Branches and versions for Hadoop 3 - HDFS - [mail # dev]
...Allen Wittenauer wrote:> > On Aug 25, 2017, at 1:23 PM, Jason Lowe  wrote:> >> > Allen Wittenauer wrote:> >> > > Doesn't this place an undue burden on t...
   Author: Jason Lowe , 2017-08-28, 19:41
Branch merges and 3.0.0-beta1 scope - HDFS - [mail # dev]
...Andrew Wang wrote:> This means I'll cut branch-3 and> branch-3.0, and move trunk to 4.0.0 before these VOTEs end. This will open> up development for Hadoop 3.1.0 and 4.0.0.I can see...
   Author: Jason Lowe , 2017-08-25, 13:27
[VOTE] Release Apache Hadoop 2.7.4 (RC0) - HDFS - [mail # dev]
...Thanks for driving the 2.7.4 release!+1 (binding)- Verified signatures and digests- Successfully built from source including native- Deployed to a single-node cluster and ran sample MapReduc...
   Author: Jason Lowe , 2017-08-02, 20:13
Apache Hadoop 2.8.2 Release Plan - HDFS - [mail # dev]
...+1 to base the 2.8.2 release off of the more recent activity on branch-2.8.  Because branch-2.8.2 was cut so long ago it is missing a lot of fixes that are in branch-2.8.  There also are a l...
   Author: Jason Lowe , 2017-07-21, 15:18
Apache Hadoop qbt Report: trunk+JDK8 on Linux/x86 - HDFS - [mail # dev]
...I found at least one commit that was dropped, MAPREDUCE-6673.  I was able to cherry-pick the original commit hash since it was recorded in the commit email.This begs the question of why we'r...
   Author: Jason Lowe , 2017-04-17, 16:18
[HDFS-6840] Clients are always sent to the same datanode when read is off rack - HDFS - [issue]
...After HDFS-6268 the sorting order of block locations is deterministic for a given block and locality level (e.g.: local, rack. off-rack), so off-rack clients all see the same datanode for th...    Author: Jason Lowe , 2017-04-12, 12:41
[VOTE] Release Apache Hadoop 2.8.0 (RC3) - HDFS - [mail # dev]
...+1 (binding)- Verfied signatures and digests- Performed a native build from the release tag- Deployed to a single node cluster- Ran some sample jobsJason     On Friday, March ...
   Author: Jason Lowe , 2017-03-17, 22:58
[HDFS-11251] ConcurrentModificationException during DataNode#refreshVolumes - HDFS - [issue]
...The testAddVolumesDuringWrite case failed with a ReconfigurationException which appears to have been caused by a ConcurrentModificationException.  Stacktrace details to follow....    Author: Jason Lowe , 2017-01-03, 20:09
[HDFS-11252] TestFileTruncate#testTruncateWithDataNodesRestartImmediately can fail with BindException - HDFS - [issue]
...testTruncateWithDataNodesRestartImmediately can fail with a BindException.  The setup for TestFileTruncate has been fixed in the past to solve a bind exception, but this is occurring af...    Author: Jason Lowe , 2016-12-28, 05:52
Updated 2.8.0-SNAPSHOT artifact - HDFS - [mail # dev]
...At this point my preference would be to do the most expeditious thing to release 2.8, whether that's sticking with the branch-2.8 we have today or re-cutting it on branch-2.  Doing a quick J...
   Author: Jason Lowe , 2016-11-04, 22:39