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[AVRO-2250] Release 1.9.0 - Avro - [issue]    Author: Nandor Kollar , 2018-12-14, 16:49
[AVRO-2284] Incorrect EnumSymbol initialization in - Avro - [issue]
...EnumSymbol is initialized with Record schema instead of Enum schema at:    Author: Zoltan Farkas , 2018-12-13, 18:48
[AVRO-2238] Update Docker image from java to openjdk - Avro - [issue]
...Currently the docker image to run the tests is still using java which is deprecated: we should move to openjdk ( St...    Author: Fokko Driesprong , 2018-12-13, 08:57
[AVRO-1749] Maven plugin goal: automatic schemas (.avsc) generation from Java classes (.java) - Avro - [issue]
...Current maven plugin includes goals for generating Java code (classes and interfaces) from IDL (.avdl files) and Avro protocol / schemas definitions (.avpr / .avsc).It would be nice to provi...    Author: Matheus Santana , 2018-12-13, 08:57
[AVRO-2065] Avro java code generation for Unions doesn't set converters for unions - Avro - [issue]
...The full issue is here:{         "name":"my...    Author: Stephane Maarek , 2018-12-13, 08:57
[AVRO-1891] Generated Java code fails with union containing logical type - Avro - [issue]
...Example schema:    {      "type": "record",      "name": "RecordV1",      "namespace": "org.brasslock.event",      "fiel...    Author: Ross Black , 2018-12-13, 08:56
[AVRO-1777] Select best matching record when writing a union in python - Avro - [issue]
...Unlike javascript, python is not using wrapped types.So when writing a union it needs to guess find out which type it will output.At the moment it takes the last validating type.I propose to...    Author: Steven Aerts , 2018-12-13, 08:56
[expand - 1 more] - Overtesting Java Avro? - Avro - [mail # dev]
...Good point Ismaël,I also noticed it. I don't know why we run the tests twice. The mainquestion is if the custom_ encoder hits other branches of the code. Maybecheck this using the code cover...
   Author: Driesprong, Fokko , Ismaël Mejía , ... , 2018-12-13, 07:00
[AVRO-1870] Avro compiler generate JAVA enum interfaces but writeEnum expects GenericEnumSymbol - Avro - [issue]
...Avro compiler generate an enum JAVA class from an enum Avro type and this class is used in the Java class of the records pointing to the enum type. However, org.apache.avro.generic.GenericDa...    Author: Ali Hashemi , 2018-12-12, 14:21
[AVRO-1810] GenericDatumWriter broken with Enum - Avro - [issue]
...DescriptionUsing the GenericDatumWriter with either Generic OR SpecificRecord will break if an Enum is present.Steps To ReproduceI have been tracking Avro decoding oddities for a while.The t...    Author: Ryon Day , 2018-12-12, 14:21