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[AVRO-2878] Downloads of avro-mapred from Maven fail since 1.9.x - Avro - [issue]
...When downloading the maven artifact you get the following error Could not find avro-mapred-1.10.0-hadoop2.jar (org.apache.avro:a...    Author: Rodney Aaron Stainback , 2020-07-02, 17:06
[AVRO-2877] Java's protobuf-to-avro includes $ in namespace, it fails in avro cpp - Avro - [issue]
...Hello!This is the code from ``:String d1 = (!outer.isEmpty() || inner.length() != 0 ? "." : "");String d2 = (!outer.isEmpty() && inner.length() != 0 ? "$" : "");retu...    Author: Koosha Hosseiny , 2020-07-02, 13:25
[AVRO-2875] avro-tools-1.10.0.jar missing slf4j binding - Avro - [issue]
...avro-tools-1.10.0.jar is missing a binding for slf4j.This is a regression because 1.9.2 looks good but 1.10.0 generates an error.The tool still works so this is minor, although I wonder if w...    Author: Dan Lipofsky , 2020-07-02, 12:58
[AVRO-2757] ReflectData still generates namespaces with dollar signs - Avro - [issue]
...ReflectData should always generate valid Avro schemas for Java classes.  Currently, the name and namespace are taken from the Java class name, which can contain dollar signs.  AVRO-2143 fixe...    Author: Ryan Skraba , 2020-07-02, 12:49
[AVRO-2735] [website] Search box on main page doesn't work. - Avro - [issue]
...Trying to query in the search form on opens a page on what appears to be a link farm....    Author: Ryan Skraba , 2020-07-02, 12:42
[AVRO-2432] Python 3: AssertionError on reading "empty" file - Avro - [issue]
...I've seen this problem with the pip package avro-python3. An AssertionError is thrown on reading certain unusual files.Problematic files seem to have these characteristics: The file is read ...    Author: David Beswick , 2020-07-02, 12:23
[AVRO-2765] dump command in avro-python3 tool module fails - Avro - [issue]
...Trying to dump an Avro file with the python3 tool command:> python3 -m avro.tool dump test.avrofails on:NameError: name 'file' is not definedThis needs fixing by changing line 105 of avro...    Author: Olaf , 2020-07-02, 12:23
[AVRO-831] Enhance the Python `distutils` control file `` to build Avro/Python without a pre-processing step. - Avro - [issue]
...Avro's build process for its Python bindings currently needs a set of pre-processing steps that need to be executed before the build proper is started.  These pre-processing steps are e...    Author: Joseph Koshy , 2020-07-02, 12:23
[AVRO-2607] The generated java-class attribute URI has an unhandled exception type of URISyntaxException - Avro - [issue]
...When creating a Object,there is no handling of a URISyntaxException.Given a specific record generated from the following avsc:(code:java){"namespace": "example.avro", "type...    Author: Zezeng Wang , 2020-07-02, 12:23
[AVRO-2438] SpecificData.deepCopy() cannot be used with URI fields - Avro - [issue]
...Having a schema fragment like this:{"name": "ownerId","type": [  "null",  {    "type": "string",    "java-class": ""  }],"default": null}can be...    Author: Sebastian J. , 2020-07-02, 12:23