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[CHUKWA-817] HBaseWriter leaks connections when parser error occurs - Chukwa - [issue]
...If source data contains error, parser will fail and HBaseWriter would throw WriterException without closing existing connections.  New connection will be initiated for new data.  T...    Author: Eric Yang , 2017-03-05, 21:33
[CHUKWA-818] SolrWriter zookeeper connection leak - Chukwa - [issue]
...ColrCloud connection is not singleton.  This could leads to connection leaks when new pipeline writers are created....    Author: Eric Yang , 2017-03-05, 21:32
Google Summer of Code 2017 is coming - Chukwa - [mail # dev]
...Google Summer of Code [1] is a program sponsored by Google allowing students to spend their summerworking on open source software. Students will receive stipends for developing open source s...
   Author: Alan Cabrera , 2017-02-05, 22:35
[CHUKWA-816] A suspicious use of incrementer in a for statement - Chukwa - [issue]
...Is this incorrect use of incrementers in this for statement?(From the recent snapshot in github mirror. Path: src/main/java/org/apache/hadoop/chukwa/rest/bean/WidgetBean.javaIn Line 170, pli...    Author: JC , 2017-02-02, 05:27
[expand - 1 more] - ASF Board Report for Chukwa - Initial Reminder for January 2017 - Chukwa - [mail # dev]
...Yes, I got it covered.  Happy New Year everyone!regards,EricOn Wed, Dec 28, 2016 at 5:50 AM, Alan Cabrera  wrote:> Anyone care to take a crack at this?>>> Regards,> ...
   Author: Eric Yang , Alan Cabrera , ... , 2017-01-02, 18:00
[CHUKWA-815] Dashboard add widget and chart interaction are not user friendly - Chukwa - [issue]
...When adding a widget on dashboard, the widget is added behind the search menu.  User might not be aware that the widget has been added.  It would be nicer if the widget is added to...    Author: Eric Yang , 2016-11-24, 23:28
[CHUKWA-814] Update Docker demo with HBase 1.2.4 and Solr 5.5.3 - Chukwa - [issue]
...Chukwa docker image contains HBase 1.2.1 and Solr 5.5.0.  It would benefit from newer version of HBase and Solr to keep up with the latest Apache development....    Author: Eric Yang , 2016-11-21, 04:17
[DISCUSSION] Roadmap for Chukwa 0.9 or retire Chukwa - Chukwa - [mail # dev]
...Hi all,Chukwa has been a fun project to work.  However, Apache is about building acommunity where code can thrive to have long lasting Software that everyonewould use.  This brings...
   Author: Eric Yang , 2016-11-21, 02:18
[CHUKWA-813] Solr can not sort by multi-valued field (date field) - Chukwa - [issue]
...Solr 5 schema less posting to Solr cloud causes the SEQID or DATE field to be posted to Solr as multi-valued fields.  Multi-valued field can not be sorted.  This breaks the log vie...    Author: Eric Yang , 2016-11-13, 20:53
[CHUKWA-812] Throttle dashboard saving - Chukwa - [issue]
...Dashboard save on every single change.  This can trigger more operation than necessary, and sometimes, out of order in saving to HBase.  This results in partially saved dashboard....    Author: Eric Yang , 2016-11-13, 19:41