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[DRILL-194] Implement SV4 support for project operator - Drill - [issue]    Author: Ben Becker , 2015-10-01, 16:36
[DRILL-262] Implement support for DATETIME and TIMESTAMP types - Drill - [issue]
...Many functions and operators in Drill need to handle DATETIME and TIMESTAMP types.  This may require two formats; the most important of which is an expanded format for use during proces...    Author: Ben Becker , 2015-09-15, 00:00
[DRILL-260] Implement types required for TPC-H benchmark - Drill - [issue]
...The TPC-H benchmark requires the following types to be implemented:FIXEDCHARVARCHARINTEGERDECIMALDATETo be more specific:CHAR(1)CHAR(10)CHAR(15)CHAR(25)DATEDECIMAL(15,2)INTEGERVARCHAR(23)VAR...    Author: Ben Becker , 2015-09-14, 23:58
[DRILL-283] Implement support for Repeated Map - Drill - [issue]
...Repeated map support needs to be implemented in value vectors, physical operators, functions and readers.Example of a repeated map in JSON format:{  "Bigname": [      {"n...    Author: Ben Becker , 2015-09-14, 23:09
[DRILL-122] Support out of process physical operator - Drill - [issue]
...Implement a mechanism for executing an operator in another process....    Author: Ben Becker , 2015-01-04, 21:28
[DRILL-173] Join operator should reuse ValueVectors when duplicate keys are present - Drill - [issue]
...There are cases where joining two record batches can result in redundant work.  Consider a merge join performed on two tables (t1 and t2) with duplicate keys on both sides:t1 key &...    Author: Ben Becker , 2015-01-04, 21:28
[DRILL-130] Implement alternative encodings (e.g. RLE) for operators - Drill - [issue]
...Support alternative encodings for operators; outside of standard ValueVectors.  For example, RLE encoding can be leveraged directly by the SUM operator for more efficient processing....    Author: Ben Becker , 2015-01-04, 21:27
[DRILL-115] Implement Python operator example - Drill - [issue]
...Implement an example operator in Python...    Author: Ben Becker , 2015-01-04, 21:27
[DRILL-112] Implement Python bindings/sdk/api for physical operators - Drill - [issue]
...Implement a system to allow an operator to be implemented in Python...    Author: Ben Becker , 2015-01-04, 21:27
[DRILL-95] Implement example C++ operator - Drill - [issue]
...Implement a simple C++ execution operator to serve as an example and proof of concept....    Author: Ben Becker , 2015-01-04, 21:27